Paper & Cup – More than just a book store


Who doesn’t like a good read, a mystery, romance or adventure story, and a fresh cup of java?

Brandi O’Neill spent 18 years as an interior designer and flight attendant before moving to Kimberley for a change of lifestyle. She always wanted to open a retail store, so she looked around town noticing there was “nothing open late where you can gather hang out have a coffee and read.”

“Everyone is missing a connection and they really want to get back to their roots. Our roots are in communities, family and connection, and that’s what I wanted to create.” These words sum up O’Neill’s business philosophy.

She took her passion for reading and love of coffee combined the two and built Paper and Cup.

Her original idea was to focus on a boutique book store, but decided she needed to “balance revenue streams.” She expanded the book store idea to include a cafe and events. “A good marriage of different concepts instead of just a book store,” O’Neill said.

POS-n-go is a perfect fit for the marriage with extensive inventory and customer management features for the book store and powerful seat based ordering, modifiers and upcharges for the cafe, all combined in the easiest tablet interface for zero staff training.

The cafe serves coffee from Rooftop Coffee Roasters of Fernie. “I’m so happy to have their product because they are local.” She also likes their family run business approach which includes “single origin beans.” In that spirit, “They partner with families over-seas [in South America]” to provide the coffee beans.

O’Neill thinks paper books will be around for a long time. “I feel that books are still something people want. They like to hold something tangible in their hands instead of on a device.”

The other aspect of the store O’Neill gets excited about are the events held in the store. “I do lots of events.” Two great events are scheduled for September.

Sept. 28th, Peka Kucha night – doors 6pm, artistic presentations at 7pm. The evenings theme, “20 images in 20 seconds.” Talk about speed art.

Next day, Sept. 29th, a pasta making workshop with Cristina Borgogelli from Tonerelli's Pasta, 6 – 9pm.

O’Neill will start a Monthly Book Club. Oct. 22nd is the first meeting that includes lively discussion about Katerina by James Frey, snacks and bevys.

If that’s not your cup of coffee, then try out Open Mic. O’Neill wants all musicians, poets, spoken word performers, comedians and emerging artists to contact her and arrange a performance.

Find event details and tickets on the secure web site, or send an email to Better yet, get on the mailing list and never miss an event.

Wow! Books, coffee and opportunities to connect with folks from the community. All at Paper and Cup on the Platzl in Kimberley. Open daily 10am to 9pm.

(In the photo, Amber whose been at the Cafe from the beginning.)

Two Old Crows


Wendy Zimmer and Janet Mueller have been collecting antiques and treasure hunting all their lives.

“You pretty much fill your house until it explodes or open a shop, so we opened a shop,” said Mueller. They called it Old Koots. When they out grew that location, they looked into finding a bigger space.

At almost 4,000 square feet, the new space, which was a pub, hotel and hostel for over 80 years, was more than they needed. To make it work, they brought in 12 other vendors and four artists to provide unique items like beautiful handcrafts, up-cycled furniture, vintage local art and “other fabulous crap”. With that many vendors, “There are so many cool things that come in and out of here,” said Zimmer.

Old Crow Emporium opened on July 1st with thousands of antiques and collectibles.

“Fun, funky, old and junky; if its any of those four things we’ll take it,” said Mueller.

“The love of everything old. The history of items, the smell of old books,” drew Zimmer to collecting.

For Mueller, “I grew up in a house that had really interesting things hanging on the wall from seahorse skeletons to antique sabres, all kinds of neat stuff like that, I’ve always loved it.”

They have both seen a lot of changes in collecting over the past 40 years.

According to Mueller, collecting today is not about having hundreds of spoons or China cups, “Its not so nick-nacky collecting anymore. If they [collectors] have to dust it, they don’t want it. If it can’t go in the dishwasher, they’re not interested in it.”

Zimmer and Mueller find that Millennial women are really into old Pyrex dishes.

As for the future of the Emporium, there are plans to serve light lunches and provide more baking this Fall. Small craft classes of six to eight people will also be held, for example, how to make felted animals or bees wax food wrap. They also have plans for more themed events, i.e. Christmas, where four or five specialist vendors will be invited to set-up in the Emporium for a short time.

Zimmer heard about POS-n-go from other store owners. She and Mueller checked it out and are glad they selected POS-n-go for the Emporium’s POS.

“We love it, it’s so easy,” said Mueller.

For Zimmer, the customer support has been “amazing. We haven’t had one problem.”

Despite the learning curve, they both found POS-n-go straight-forward to learn and use.

“If these old crows can use it, anybody can,” said Zimmer.

Next time you have the urge to smell old books or see a part of history, check out the Old Crow Emporium, on the Platzl in Kimberley.

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