Moody Bee – New Location Grand Opening


After two years in the old location, Moody Bee moves across the Platzl to a new store.

Randy and Krista Moody, along with staff and helpers, have been working feverishly for the past two weeks to totally renovate the new location.

According to Randy, the larger store will have a separate factory space in the back and a bigger retail space out front.

The new store will have all of the great products you’ve come to love and appreciate.

While Moody Bee has “sold out” of the pure raw unpasteurized and unfiltered honey from the Kootenay’s, Randy is not worried. “I’ve got a nice network of folks I work with out there [on the West coast]. We have some unique nectar that came from coriander plants. We’re looking to get some blueberry and raspberry honey as well as the standard clover and alfalfa honey which is similar to what we get around here,” he said.

The store will handle 10,000 to 15,000 kg of honey each year.

“We have a huge line of beeswax products – lip balm, hand balm, soaps with honey,” added Randy. The vanilla and peppermint lip balm is acclaimed across Canada.

Randy said, “A lot of people wanted just plain [lip balm], nice and simple, they don’t want anything in there.” Based on this customer feedback, a new product line was created. Its called, Moody Bee Pure. “Everything is just bare bones, same texture, same oils, but no essential oils, no additives.”

Bulk bees wax is a big hit among local residents who buy over 4,500 kg every year.

You can still buy honey accessories along with everyone’s favourite funky socks and locally crafted and sculpted crystals as well as natural crystal clusters.

Moody Bee has used POS-n-go for the past two years with no down time. “It’s excellent, very user friendly,” said Randy. He tells the story of how his 10-year old daughter sits down at the counter and runs POS-n-go even after not being around the store for awhile.

“The continuous up-grading [of functions and features] to what we thought was already a fine product to become an even better product,” is something Randy really appreciates.

“I love the [web portal dashboard] graphs. You can just glance everyday to see how sales are. You don’t have to dive deep if you just want a snap shot,” he said. Also, “There are so many reports you can run, it makes [financial] analysis phenomenal, its great.”

Moody Bee’s new store grand opening: Today, Friday, 16 November at 5pm. 230 Spokane Street, Kimberley, BC.

Stop by, congratulate Krista and Randy Moody and staff, see the new location and celebrate until the cows come home, or maybe that should be until the Moody’s head home.

A Mesquite In-house Smoker and Chocolate Desserts


The Cranbrook Days Inn @cranbrookdaysinn has undergone extensive renovations over the past few years. In Fall 2016, Jennifer Bouchard arrived as the new General Manager over-seeing the building of a games room, guest laundry room, grand ballroom and Fisher Peak room.

A completely renovated lounge, now called Patio Lanterns Cafe & Lounge, is rounding into shape with a gourmet kitchen that includes an in-house smoker. Head cook Jason Summers looks after the growing menu along with the mesquite smoking of all chicken, beef brisket and pork ribs. He’s the pit master.

From bodacious burritos, quesadillas, grilled sandwiches, fresh cuts fries, beef jerky, gumbo baked potatoes to a chicken, rice, bean bowl along with veggie options, the Patio Lanterns menu will satisfy foodies of all persuasions. According to Bouchard, “We have the best salad bar this side of the border.”

She added, “We also have a beautiful dessert menu.” It includes churros with Happy Cow ice cream topped with caramel sauce and a giant chocolate chunk cookie, both made in-house. How about chocolate covered strawberries or a chocolate brownie. Gluten free options include chocolate or strawberry layer cake.

Patio Lanterns is developing a margarita menu showcasing a variety of smooth silky cocktails. If that’s not your fancy, then maybe a Fisher Peak craft beer or something else from the bar menu.

Bouchard is very proud “of the [hotels] special event space – a Ballroom and the Fisher Peak room. The ballroom accommodates up to 300 people.”

Patio Lanterns can also be booked for private parties or company functions.

With several corporate Christmas parties already booked, the big event will be a New Years Eve ball.

The Black, White and Gold Masquerade Party is you’re chance to ring in 2019 with style. The $40 per person covers “taco bar, appies, a mask, DJ and of course champagne at midnight.” Call 250-426-6683 to get your tickets.

Bouchard selected POS-n-go and the PayPoint all-in-one POS combination to track the Lounge’s sales, inventory and staff time. The Lounge also uses two portable tablets for fast table side ordering.
“My staff and I have found the POS-n-go operation easy to use,” said Bouchard. Adding, “training has been quick and easy as well.”

Patio Lanterns staff “like the tablets” as they speed up the ordering process. One of many features Bouchard likes is “how easy it is to load and update new [menu] items.” With an evolving menu and daily specials, the ease of adding food items makes the lounge run smoothly with no down time.

Check Patio Lanterns social media for daily specials. Open 11:30am to 9pm, Tuesday to Saturday. Located inside Cranbrook Days Inn.

Dixie Lee and The Tree of Hope Campaign


Anik Roy, manager at Dixie Lee in Shediac, NB, enjoys the daily excitement of saying hello to regular patrons and meeting people trying out the restaurant for the first time.

Dixie Lee is a fast food franchise specializing in fried chicken and all the trimmings. With their special ingredients and daily fresh chicken, the 3-piece meal is a favourite among locals. If fried chicken is not for you, then try out any number of amazing dishes from the extensive menu.

This is the second year Roy and her staff have participated in the Tree of Hope Campaign raising funds “to make the lives of cancer patients and their families better,” she said.

The Tree of Hope Campaign began in 1989 with over $26 million raised to “purchase specialized equipment and offer ongoing training to the Dr. Léon Richard Oncology Centre’s sub-speciality teams, support cancer research at the Atlantic Cancer Research Institute and raise awareness of the importance of adopting healthy lifestyles.”

Roy and her dedicated staff have set a goal of raising $3000 for the Tree of Hope campaign. They have already reached $1000. Check out the donation level and the progress of fundraising on their Facebook page.

November 19th will be Tree of Hope Day at Dixie Lee. For every 3-piece dinner sold, Dixie Lee will donate $1.00 to the campaign. As well, staff will be donating tips and Dixie Lee will match that amount. Also on that day, patrons can buy a balloon with a prize inside, a coupon for a free pop or fries. Proceeds from balloon sales go to the campaign.

All monies raised from Dixie Lee’s Tree of Hope campaign go directly to the charity.

With the restaurants outdated POS system near collapse, Roy turned to Ron Pomerleau, RKP Atlantic, for help. RKP is POS-n-go’s dealer in Atlantic Canada. Pomerleau suggested the Elo PayPoint all-in-one POS machine running POS-n-go software.

According to Roy, “The young people had no problem learning a new system.” It only took a short time for all employees “to get adjusted” to POS-n-go.

Two POS-n-go features stand out for Roy. First, she can access all reports on a computer or the phone. “It reduced paper use” and is very convenient.

Second, Roy really likes the staff clock in/clock out function. “Its so easy to make my payroll. I have the exact amount of time they [staff] worked. I don’t have to calculate it any more as it’s already done for me. [POS-n-go] is so easy for me, its faster, I get everything done faster now.”

Be sure to help out Dixie Lee in Shediac, NB with the Tree of Hope campaign. Stop in any time to make a donation, or mark November 19th on the calendar, head over and buy a 3-piece chicken dinner. One dollar for every dinner sold will be donated to the Tree of Hope campaign.

Help out a great cause, taste a delicious fried chicken dinner at Dixie Lee, 366 Main St., Shediac, NB and be part of the Tree of Hope.

A Container for Creativity


Looking for a place to rub shoulders with like minded professionals, grab a coffee and chat about the rigours of starting a company or working self-employed, then the Ground Floor Coworking Space is for you.

When arriving at Ground Floor you are met by Tanya Malcolm, Community & Marketing Manager, who makes sure members are looked after and the space meets their needs.

Ground Floor was founded as “a facility that supports entrepreneurs, freelancers, non-profit professionals and small growing companies who want to come together and make a big impact through their work with a coworking community,” said Malcolm.

Traditionally, most people work for a company at their office building. If they decide to strike out on their own, they work from home. Ground Floor operates in-between those two situations providing a sleek modern space to work in and the opportunity to interact with other professionals. The ability to meet and chat with entrepreneurs creates a situation where “an informal conversation with somebody might lead to your next contract or project.”

Malcolm added, “Why work alone. Share space, create opportunity, reduce risk and share resources.” The space offers a coffee room, WIFI, administrative support, meeting rooms and a sound booth to take video calls or record a pobcast. Best of all, you have the chance to regularly “network with other entrepreneurs who are going through similar challenges that small businesses face.”

Her energy and enthusiasm for helping people is evident when you meet Malcolm. “I really love being in a supportive role, encouraging small business and entrepreneurship,” she said. “I can’t say enough about the people I’ve met and work with here.”

Beyond the work space, Ground Floor hosts Lunch and Learn on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month from 12noon to 1:30pm. “From 12 to 12:30 is an informal networking opportunity, eat and great, bring your on lunch. Its all about entrepreneurship, small business growth and professional development,” said Malcolm.

Each workshop session has “a great group of entrepreneurs who have skills and expertise in their sectors who are willing to share” what they’ve learned so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel.

Ground Floor uses POS-n-go partner Pivotal Payments for credit and debit card processing. “I’m so happy to have a payment system to take drop-in payments. It’s an amazing advantage for our businesses.” During Lunch and Learn or other social events held at the space, Malcolm said, “Its been a wonderful experience so far to have that tap-and-go.”

With coast to coast client volume POS-n-go has negotiated the lowest transaction processing rates in Canada with transparent Cost+ pricing (you know the processor margin), no contract, no setup fee, no cancel fee and no hidden fees.

To learn more about Ground Floor and try out a free day in the space, get in touch with Tanya Malcolm, 778-517-8800, or drop by 131 7th Ave. S. in Cranbrook.

Share Space, Create Opportunity & Accelerate Business!

POS-n-go Online Store


POS-n-go Solutions President, Richard Vienneau, announces a great new feature to the point-of-sale system, an Online Store.

“I am proud to say that we now have a built-in online web store that is fully integrated to your products, inventory and reporting,” he said. This exciting new feature allows merchants to try out online shopping with only a minimal investment in time to set it up.

“The online web store is part of the subscription, there is no additional cost,” said Vienneau. Think of it as a flexible easy to use shopping cart.

The fully customized online store allows you to sell all or some of the products listed in the stores inventory. You may only wish to offer a half-dozen items in the online store, or you can display all of them. Online store sales are posted against inventory and transactions are part of POS-n-go’s extensive reports.

Vienneau added, “The online store uses the latest responsive layout technology to provide your customers with a streamlined checkout experience on mobile, tablet and PC devices.” The online store automatically re-sizes to fit the device screen used by the customer. No more scrolling around the screen to see the contents.

The POS-n-go online store offers three access options. First, you can use the no cost domain location that is automatically loaded when you turn on the store. Second, you could purchase a domain name and have the online store appear at that internet location. Third, if you already have a web-site, you can have the POS-n-go online store included on your site.

The POS-n-go online store offers complete flexible customization. You select the colours, add your business logo, add an unlimited number of zoomable pictures along with a short product description. Additionally, you can have one front page banner or a number of rotating banners. The front page of the online store allows you to feature sale items. You also get pages to describe your business and list contact information.

When presenting your products, you can add in modifiers and upcharges. For example, a product has four different styles each with a different price. The POS-n-go online store provides the flexibility to list the various styles and their cost.

The online store will handle “free, fixed amount and real-time Canada Post shipping,” said Vienneau. If you have a Canada Post shipping account, the POS-n-go online store will be able to show your customer exactly what the shipping cost will be.

As for payments, you have two options. Let the customer chose to order online then pick-up and pay in-store. Or, payment can be made by secure (PCI compliant) real-time online Stripe processing. Convenience for your customer is what POS-n-go is all about.

When it comes to presenting your online store, POS-n-go puts you in control with customizable features fully integrated with your products and inventory.

Call today for a free demo of the POS-n-go online store – 888-342-8882.

You are in the drivers seat with POS-n-go.

Jewelry Inspired by Nature


If you like the idea of handcrafted river stone jewelry, then you’ll definitely like Kara Clarke’s bohemian chic designs.

Inspired by her mother-in-law, who made jewelry as gifts for family and friends, Clarke started making jewelry ten-years ago. For the first few years, she purchased gem stones and lava rock to incorporate into her designs.

She and her husband moved to Kimberley six-years ago to raise a family. It was shortly after that when a friend took her to Kootenay River where she discovered river rock. “I found lots of flat naturally tumbled stones. I realized, what am I doing buying gem stones and rocks when there’s these beautiful natural stones.”

Shifting gears Clarke started Tumbled Earth and now focuses exclusively on river stone jewelry.

The Kootenay River is her only source of stones. “There’s one beach with nice usable stones, I spend hours sifting through them to find the perfect ones,” she said.

Each stone has to be flat and the “right thickness.” She drills a hole through them to add the metal component. The stones “can’t be too clunky and big for the jewelry.”

While she crafts a range of necklaces, bracelets, anklets, ear-rings, finger rings, key chains and pins, a men’s river stone collection with rings and cuff links is in the works.

“Lots of people tell me they don’t wear jewelry, but they’ll wear my jewelry because its minimalist, simple. It has an earthy feel.”

Complimenting the river stone jewelry, Clarke also stocks items “you won’t find in Kimberley like home-made greeting cards, soap from the Yahk Soap Company and body butter by Balm Girls.” She provides “one stop shopping for men” to make it easy for them to assemble a gift package for any woman in their lives-wife, mother, daughter or girl-friend.

Clarke is extremely happy using Pivotal Payments as the credit and debit card processor.
“They were highly recommended by other merchants in Kimberley. It’s so easy to use and rates are so good, so cheap and inexpensive.” Another bonus, “I don’t need high-speed internet,” she said. Compared to the previous payment processor Clarke “easily saves $200/month.” Unlike them, “Pivotal takes all credit and debit cards.”

POS-n-go Solutions has negotiated with Pivotal to provide the lowest cost plus processing rates in Canada along with no contracts, no hidden fees, free set-up and cancel any time.

The Pivotal Payment terminal is fully integrated with the POS-n-go POS system which eliminates keying errors and increases transaction speed.

Tumbled Earth, 165 Wallinger Ave. in Kimberley, across the street from Veterans Memorial Park.

Paper & Cup – More than just a book store


Who doesn’t like a good read, a mystery, romance or adventure story, and a fresh cup of java?

Brandi O’Neill spent 18 years as an interior designer and flight attendant before moving to Kimberley for a change of lifestyle. She always wanted to open a retail store, so she looked around town noticing there was “nothing open late where you can gather hang out have a coffee and read.”

“Everyone is missing a connection and they really want to get back to their roots. Our roots are in communities, family and connection, and that’s what I wanted to create.” These words sum up O’Neill’s business philosophy.

She took her passion for reading and love of coffee combined the two and built Paper and Cup.

Her original idea was to focus on a boutique book store, but decided she needed to “balance revenue streams.” She expanded the book store idea to include a cafe and events. “A good marriage of different concepts instead of just a book store,” O’Neill said.

POS-n-go is a perfect fit for the marriage with extensive inventory and customer management features for the book store and powerful seat based ordering, modifiers and upcharges for the cafe, all combined in the easiest tablet interface for zero staff training.

The cafe serves coffee from Rooftop Coffee Roasters of Fernie. “I’m so happy to have their product because they are local.” She also likes their family run business approach which includes “single origin beans.” In that spirit, “They partner with families over-seas [in South America]” to provide the coffee beans.

O’Neill thinks paper books will be around for a long time. “I feel that books are still something people want. They like to hold something tangible in their hands instead of on a device.”

The other aspect of the store O’Neill gets excited about are the events held in the store. “I do lots of events.” Two great events are scheduled for September.

Sept. 28th, Peka Kucha night – doors 6pm, artistic presentations at 7pm. The evenings theme, “20 images in 20 seconds.” Talk about speed art.

Next day, Sept. 29th, a pasta making workshop with Cristina Borgogelli from Tonerelli's Pasta, 6 – 9pm.

O’Neill will start a Monthly Book Club. Oct. 22nd is the first meeting that includes lively discussion about Katerina by James Frey, snacks and bevys.

If that’s not your cup of coffee, then try out Open Mic. O’Neill wants all musicians, poets, spoken word performers, comedians and emerging artists to contact her and arrange a performance.

Find event details and tickets on the secure web site, or send an email to Better yet, get on the mailing list and never miss an event.

Wow! Books, coffee and opportunities to connect with folks from the community. All at Paper and Cup on the Platzl in Kimberley. Open daily 10am to 9pm.

(In the photo, Amber whose been at the Cafe from the beginning.)

Two Old Crows


Wendy Zimmer and Janet Mueller have been collecting antiques and treasure hunting all their lives.

“You pretty much fill your house until it explodes or open a shop, so we opened a shop,” said Mueller. They called it Old Koots. When they out grew that location, they looked into finding a bigger space.

At almost 4,000 square feet, the new space, which was a pub, hotel and hostel for over 80 years, was more than they needed. To make it work, they brought in 12 other vendors and four artists to provide unique items like beautiful handcrafts, up-cycled furniture, vintage local art and “other fabulous crap”. With that many vendors, “There are so many cool things that come in and out of here,” said Zimmer.

Old Crow Emporium opened on July 1st with thousands of antiques and collectibles.

“Fun, funky, old and junky; if its any of those four things we’ll take it,” said Mueller.

“The love of everything old. The history of items, the smell of old books,” drew Zimmer to collecting.

For Mueller, “I grew up in a house that had really interesting things hanging on the wall from seahorse skeletons to antique sabres, all kinds of neat stuff like that, I’ve always loved it.”

They have both seen a lot of changes in collecting over the past 40 years.

According to Mueller, collecting today is not about having hundreds of spoons or China cups, “Its not so nick-nacky collecting anymore. If they [collectors] have to dust it, they don’t want it. If it can’t go in the dishwasher, they’re not interested in it.”

Zimmer and Mueller find that Millennial women are really into old Pyrex dishes.

As for the future of the Emporium, there are plans to serve light lunches and provide more baking this Fall. Small craft classes of six to eight people will also be held, for example, how to make felted animals or bees wax food wrap. They also have plans for more themed events, i.e. Christmas, where four or five specialist vendors will be invited to set-up in the Emporium for a short time.

Zimmer heard about POS-n-go from other store owners. She and Mueller checked it out and are glad they selected POS-n-go for the Emporium’s POS.

“We love it, it’s so easy,” said Mueller.

For Zimmer, the customer support has been “amazing. We haven’t had one problem.”

Despite the learning curve, they both found POS-n-go straight-forward to learn and use.

“If these old crows can use it, anybody can,” said Zimmer.

Next time you have the urge to smell old books or see a part of history, check out the Old Crow Emporium, on the Platzl in Kimberley.

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