Food Truck Flavour – Hot & Fresh!


As if she didn’t have enough on her plate, Julie St. Jean, Togs & Toys owner, decided to draw on her 30 years of experience as a chef in the catering and restaurant industry to open Julie’s Cook Shack.

The food truck concept really appealed to her. However, instead of a truck she went with a food trailer.

She also spotted a market opportunity. “I want to help meet the needs of the community. Parents who need a quick meal while their running around after school and between sports before you get home at eight o’clock.” She responded to the needs of busy parents and children. The Cook Shack is all about a fast healthy meal. “Something to grab on the way home.”

Plus, working in a small space with a small menu keeps the operation tight and efficient.

On the menu side, the focus is on cooked from scratch healthy dishes. No canned, frozen or pre-packaged produce, meat, sauces and gravy here. Food is sourced from across Canada. Chicken from Heritage Farms, butter sauce from Mountain Range, potatoes from Alberta and curds from Montreal.

Curds! Yes, St. Jean has chosen poutine as a big part of the Cook Shack menu. Salads, wraps and potato fries round out the food options.

After living with her family in Kimberley for 15 years, she noted that poutine “wasn’t really being offered in town.”

While butter chicken poutine is a good seller, to St. Jean’s surprise “the salads are out selling the Poutine. The Thai Beef salad is extremely popular.”

So far, “The community has been really positive.” St. Jean attributes “word of mouth” to the successful launch of the Cook Shack.

After many years as a successful Chef, caterer, even a Food Network cook, St. Jean has learned that to be an entrepreneur one has to “persevere.”

“It’s important to stay true to your own creativity and interests because the people that are interested in your interests will find you,” she said.

St. Jean selected POS-n-go for the Cook Shack because “Its local, service is quick and convenient.” When it came to learning how to use POS-n-go, she said, “Its super easy, really easy to use, very convenient.”

Right now the Cook Shack, located in the parking lot next to Togs & Toys in Kimberley, BC, is open 11am to 7pm Monday to Saturday. St. Jean plans to stay open all winter. It may only be on weekends or limited hours, but if demand is there, then the Cook Shack will be open. Check it out!

Celebrating the Art of Sewing


“My philosophy is, its supposed to be fun.” And, that’s why Suzie Hollihan and daughter Paige started Dancing Stitches. They want to make sewing and quilting fun for everyone, even children.

The store name had to be fun as well. “We don’t want it to be boring. We’re not boring people. We wanted it lighthearted, its a hobby, it’s not serious,” Hollihan said.

Her background includes dressmaking and design along with teaching people how to sew and quilt.

Dancing Stitches provides all of the equipment needed to complete a project from start to finish. “We have everything for people to use. We have it all laid out with lots of cutting tables and pressing. All the equipment they need including Swiss made Bernina machines, mannequins and a pattern library.” They have drop-in rates and no-contract membership rates ($24.99/month).

A number of groups in the Cambridge area use the facility to create quilts for local charity auctions.

“We are busy all the time,” Hollihan said. Want something new for your child’s birthday? Try a sewing or quilting party.

The store also carries hand selected fabrics and unique notions not available anywhere else.

Hollihan found POS-n-go online. She read reviews and checked out the details at

What does she think of POS-n-go? “Great, my daughter has it pretty much set-up.”

Paige added, “Its easy to use. It was fun.” A feature she really likes is the ability to add products right on the front-end tablet.

Dancing Stitches uses the Elo PayPoint all-in-one POS machine. “People are impressed with the style of it,” Hollihan said. Her customers think its “space age” and they like the flip screen which allows them to see the details of their purchase.

If you don’t have the space at home or want to buy all the sewing and quilting equipment, then stop by Dancing Stitches in Cambridge, Ontario and let your creativity have fun. Details at:

Book a Grooming Online-Easy & Convenient


Cory Muir at Cory’s Dog Grooming and Spa is the first POS-n-go business to use new online booking.

According to Muir, online booking “works wonderful.” Customers love the ease and convenience of finding a groom or a bath time. “You don’t have to make any calls trying to find a time. Just scroll through the available days and times, select what works for you and click its done,” Muir said.

Online booking allows Muir to focus more on each dog. He does not need to interrupt work on your pet to take a phone call, find a day and time and make a booking. He spends more time with each dog at the same time as owners easily select a grooming time that works for their schedule.

Customers are very impressed with online booking. “Its a simple easy tool to use, not like those other ones out there where you have to create an account and password.”

Built into the POS-n-go system, online booking uses a real-time schedule accessible through Cory’s website. Click on the Book Online button. Select the appropriate grooming package, add it to the booking cart then review the available dates and times selecting the one that works for you. Enter your name and contact information and you are booked in.

If you are a returning customer POS-n-go finds you and your dog. “Easy and straightforward, its what people like.” Karen Nordby, a long time customer says “Online booking was awesome. Click and you are done.”

Behind the scenes the online booking system is easily configured to work for hair salons, spas, tanning businesses, pet groomers, professional services and more. Booking start and end times can vary by the day of the week and even by individual service staff. Services can have a simple duration for sequential appointments or an advanced combination of duration and units for overlapping appointments.

Cory’s dog grooming provides cuts, clips and full spa treatments for your canine friend. Proudly serving Kimberley, Cranbrook and surrounding areas in South East British Columbia for 19 years.

You will also find a complete line of First Mate food and treat products, Paul Mitchell shampoos and a wide range of dog accessories. First Mate is locally made in BC by a family owned business and features a single meat protein, limited ingredients and is grain, gluten and pea free. For added convenience, shop online for First Mate.

Book and shop online at

Golden Fry – Shediac, NB


With over 30 years in the restaurant business, Dan Fournier grew up working in a restaurant owned by his parents. In 1988 he took over running it for the next 18 years.

Then in 2009 he bought Golden Fry. The current location on Main Street has been newly renovated inside and out. “We’re happy with the results,” said Fournier.

A sea food restaurant, Golden Fry serves up fried clams, shrimp and scallops. Don’t forget the locally sourced lobster used in the daily special priced at $7.99. “Good pricing” is part of Golden Fry’s success.

Fournier uses fresh cut locally grown potatoes, when in season, for their popular fries. He brings in curds from Quebec for poutine which is another favourite dish among local residents.

Fournier discovered POS-n-go through RKP Atlantic Business Service. He uses it to send orders to the kitchen and track sales, taxes and staff time. They selected the POS-n-go top selling all-in-one Elo PayPoint. The Elo PayPoint features a large 13.3" touch screen, cash drawer, receipt printer and customer display all in one elegant and small package.

If you get to Shediac, NB and are looking for a Maritime food experience, then check out Golden Fry. Eat in or take out.

Treat Yourself Well with Pie and Ice Cream!


Erna Jensen, De-lights owner, provides high quality small batch gelato and frozen sweet treats.

Jensen’s recipe for success. “Offer a high quality product with good ingredients that is delicious. And, provide exceptional customer service.”

Treating customers “very well” became the springboard for a new venture at De-lights. “Providing in-house baking, pies and bread.”

Jensen has joined forces with Bread and Butter Kimberely, run by Samantha Najarro & Dan McInnes.

Using part of the De-lights space, Najarro bakes pies, cookies, muffins and scones from scratch every day. McInnes, a trained Chef, mills organic grain into unbleached flour for fresh artisan bread. They use all organic ingredients, when available, and make butter using cream from Kootenay Meadows dairy. Najarro uses in-season local fruit encased in a butter crust for her pies.

“Pie and gelato or ice cream, what’s not to like,” Jensen said.

Buy a whole pie, or just a slice with ice cream. What a treat any day.

Jensen’s been using POS-n-go since its inception. “Its been fantastic. From the get go the service is exceptional. Its worked well for us,” she said. Adding, “The companies been great to work with.” Jensen would “absolutely, 100%” recommend POS-n-go to other businesses looking to upgrade to a modern POS system.

For Najarro, a relative new POS-n-go user, “I find it really user friendly and intuitive to enter products” which change daily based on what is baked. One day muffins, the next scones. Pie varieties also change frequently. Adding products on the fly is an absolute necessity.

Check out the newest taste sensation in the centre of Kimberley, BC. De-lights and Bread & Butter.

Open daily at 9am. Friday, Saturday and Sunday until 9pm.

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