A Commitment to Fresh


Michele Dwyer at Putters Grill, located in the Sparwood Leisure Centre, has been in the food service industry for her whole life. She started out working for many years with other grill owners. "My standards of customer service and fresh quality food were much higher that's why I opened my own place," she said.

Dwyer cooks everything from fresh produce and products everyday. Her food is "all made in-house from scratch." She even uses "fresh eggs" from chickens at her farm. If you order a hamburger, its not a frozen slab of meat and filler. Her burgers are made from fresh ground beef obtained from the local butcher.

You will also find home made soup and muffins on the menu, but the biggest seller at Putters are the fries. Made from fresh potatoes and hand cut each day. No frozen bagged fries here.

Dwyer has a single flavour Carpigini soft ice cream machine that allows her to make the best shakes and cones in the Elk Valley.

Be sure to stop by Wednesday's, it's doughnut day. Home made fresh doughnuts you won't find anywhere else in town.

POS-n-go's been part of Dwyer's business for the last year or so. "It's very easy to use and learn," she said. The students she hires pick up its operation "very fast. They even show me a thing or two," she said.

Be sure to drop in to Putters Grill, 367 Pine Avenue, Sparwood, BC, located inside the Leisure Centre.

Life Long Entrepreneur


Since the time she graduated from graphic design school, Michele Staggs has been a business owner. “I’ve always been an entrepreneur,” she said.

In the late 1980’s, she opened a commercial sign company in Grand Prairie, AB. As the business evolved she added art supplies and then a small gallery. Eventually, she started holding art classes.

Ten years ago she and her husband bought a strawberry farm in Creston. She eventually found a space in town for a small cafe which became Buffalo Trails Coffee House.

She wanted the Coffee House to be a local personal space where residents and tourists could stop to get away from the hectic world. A place to meet family and friends for a relaxed coffee break and home-made baked goods.

All of the food is prepared in-house and the coffee roasted locally.

Staggs’ plan for the future is to undertake her own roasting and to “grow more food used in the cafe.”

Her family has a “long history working with buffalo” and she hopes to have a small herd on the farm in Creston.

POS-n-go has been a part of the business for almost a year. She says, “Its been really great, simple to use.” Training staff is “super easy.”

“I really love the gift cards. We have a lot of people who buy a loaded card,” she said.

If your looking for locally roasted coffee and home-made gourmet sandwiches, fresh salads and baked goodies including gluten free options, then stop by Buffalo Trails on Canyon Street in Creston.

A Passion for Dogs


Cory's been a friend to dogs since he was a young lad growing up in Kimberley. Having his own dog grooming shop is a dream come true. For the past 17 years, he's been grooming dogs of all sizes, colours and breeds.

Cory's business philosophy is about providing a low stress environment for dogs while they're at the shop. He only books two or three dogs at a time in order to provide individual attention in order to keep them happy.

Nothing worse than coming home from time at the spa feeling stressed out because you were penned up with a dozen other dogs.

The grooming package includes a full therapeutic spa bath, blow dry, brushing, clipping, scissoring, styling, nail clipping, ear cleaning and finishing touches including colognes.

Cory uses oatmeal shampoo to help eliminate dry itchy skin. The pulsating water jet acts like a massage soothing achy muscles and joints.

After a cleansing shampoo, your dog gets a thorough rinse from head to toe. “It’s important to get all of the soap out because leaving it in causes a dogs skin to become dry and itchy,” said Cory.

The front of the shop has recently undergone renovations with the installation of a new floor and display furniture.

As for the future, there are plans to remodel the back of the shop to increase dog comfort.
“I am looking for ways to improve your visit and shopping experience. If there is anything you would like to see in the shop please let me know,” Cory said.

Spring is always a busy time at the shop, Cory suggests “Book early, we don’t want you to miss out on an appointment.”

Pre-book a grooming or bath appointment 6 to 8 weeks in advance and receive a 5% discount.

Cory’s been using the POS-n-go software for 3 years and just started using the new Elo PayPoint all-in-one. “I love it, its easy to use. The style and look is so modern, it goes with any decor in the store,” he said.

During April, buy any Paul Mitchell product, including shampoos and conditioners, and get 10% off.

A Once in a Hundred Year Business Opportunity


Brent Curtis, Rocky Mountain Cannabis Club (RMCC) CEO, wants to take advantage of a unique business opportunity not seen since the end of Canadian Prohibition in the 1920s. The pending new regulations regarding the legalization of marijuana presents Curtis with a unique chance to create a business in a “full industry that is mature already with users. There was a chance in the 1930s (sic) with alcohol and now there’s going to be one that we want to be part of.”

RMCC is located in Calgary with two more shop set to open in High River and Spruce Grove. Eventually, Curtis would like to open ten shops across Alberta.

Curtis’s business philosophy is to provide a “high end product”, excellent customer service and “pride in helping customers with their medical needs.”

With recreation cannabis on the horizon, Curtis will “have the best people [on staff] to teach about the product, there’s going to be a lot of new users once it gets to rec.” Helping people who have no experience with cannabis understand the product will be a big part of the Club’s operation moving forward.

In terms of POS-n-go, Curtis said, “Its been great, very easy to use. Its all automated so you can change on the go if you want to give someone a discount, or change a price, or make a return, everything is just very easy to use.”

“As CEO, I really enjoy being able to go in [to the web portal account] if I’ve not been in [the shop] for a few days and see what’s been sold and have inventory updated,” said Curtis.

Curtis also said, “I think its [POS-n-go] a great product and we’ll stick with it for a long time.”

Rocky Mountain Cannabis Club, open Monday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm. For more details visit their website: rockymountaincannabisclub.ca, or call for an appointment, 587-352-7622.

POS-n-go Solutions Expands Partnership with Elo


With several Elo PayPoint installations under its belt, POS-n-go Solutions Inc. extends POS-n-go’s certification to the Elo PayPoint Plus device.

Richard Vienneau, POS-n-go Solutions president, said “I am proud to announce POS-n-go is now certified for use on the Elo PayPoint Plus. This is another example of working with a POS world leader to bring sleek modern machines to POS-n-go clients across Canada. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Elo.”

Dave Murphy, Elo director of software alliances and developer relations, said, “PayPoint Plus is the next generation of all-in-one POS machines. With a larger screen, faster processor, 2D bar code scanner and full size receipt printer and cash drawer, the PayPoint Plus has what merchants need built-in. And set-up is as easy as unbox, plug in, connect, and go.”

About POS-n-go Solutions: A Kimberley, BC, POS success story sourced in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. POS-n-go is a versatile, easy to use and feature rich point-of-sale software made for retail shops, restaurants, pubs, bars and personal service companies looking for the power of an enterprise POS at an economical cost. Small merchants love us!

For detailed information on POS-n-go, please visit - www.posngo.com
About Elo: Elo is a global leader in touchscreen solutions with 20+ million retail and hospitality installations in 80+ countries. The Elo touchscreen experience has consistently stood for quality, reliability and innovation. Learn more about Elo at EloTouch.com

History Centre Modernizes with POS-n-go


Tammy Morgan, Executive Director of the Cranbrook History Centre, is “very excited” about the installation of POS-n-go as the Museums new modern POS.

The old POS was “already out of date when we got it,” said Morgan. They inherited a POS from a video rental store that did not provide any inventory control or extensive reporting like POS-n-go.

Using the old system, History Centre staff spent hours “manually” preparing reports for Management, the Board and Funding Agencies. This took staff away from spending time on Museum work.

Once Morgan and the staff saw a demonstration of how POS-n-go works and the extensive functions and features, they were “ready to make the switch.”

POS-n-go Solutions recently installed a Elo Paypoint Plus all-in-one cash register along with a Pivotal Payments processing terminal at the History Centre.

“Not only will we know what inventory we have, but we’ll know how many of an item we have and when to re-order,” said Morgan. With POS-n-go, inventory reports are one click away.

POS-n-go tracks Museum tour sales and provides detailed reporting on the most popular tour, how many people take them and when they occur.

The History Centre plans to use POS-n-go to record the time dozens of volunteers spend helping the Museum. Morgan will be able to know how much time volunteers donate for any given day, week, month or year with the easy to use reporting features of POS-n-go.

Another time saving POS-n-go feature Morgan is happy with, “All of the sales and tour data will be exportable to our Quickbooks that will streamline our accounting process.”

According to Morgan, “POS-n-go really puts the History Centre into the 21st Century!”

Photo - Maddie Wallace (l), Don Kirk and Tammy Morgan (r)

The Nest Raves About POS-n-go


After seeing POS-n-go in action, The Nest owner Andrea Track said, “Lets get this system.”

Track has used a wide variety of POS systems in her career opening and operating restaurants around the world. How does POS-n-go compare to these others systems? “Probably the easiest one that I have ever self-taught myself, didn’t need a lot of help. Its very self-explanatory,” she said.

As for working on the back-end portal account she said it was easy and she “programs on the fly.” Depending on what Chef and owner Darcy Makeiff is preparing, “I get the menu at 4:45, we open at 5pm. All that stuff [the menu] is programmed into the computer in 5 minutes.”

The fact transactions happen very fast and there is no lag time with the front end tablet makes the restaurant run smoothly.

“I love the tax report, that’s why I bought the system. I always handed off that portion of taxes to an accountant, so for me to be able to click some buttons and see them come up, its great,” Track said.

The other great feature POS-n-go provides Track and The Nest owners is liquor inventory tracking and control. “Not having to pay another company to do the liquor inventory has also been great,” she said.

Knowing the inventory, food and tax details of the restaurants operation saves Track hours of work and has, almost, put an end to her sleepless nights.

The Nest specializes in unique hand-made food and drink combinations prepared and served by the owners-Track, Makeiff and Neill Anderson, along with Oskar Pinter. You will not find this anywhere else.

Drop in and tantalize your taste buds with unique Oriental and Western fusion dishes changing daily or weekly, reserving your table is a better call, 778 481 5125.

Their motto: We gonna fuze the finer things @ 465 304th St. Marysville, Kimberley, BC

(Photo: Oskar Pinter (l), Andrea Track, Darcy Makeiff, Neill Anderson (r))

Receipt Paper In Stock


POS-n-go carries receipt printer paper and payment terminal paper to keep your business running efficiently.

We have in stock 3 1/8" thermal receipt paper for all Star receipt printers. We also have bond paper and ink ribbons for kitchen impact printers such as the Star SP700.

If you need 2 1/4" thermal paper for a debit/credit card payment terminal we've got that as well. The rolls fit Ingenico Telium and Verifone terminals.

Pricing for boxes is considerably lower than the big box stores, and POS-n-go will ship it or have it available for pick-up the same business day that you place your order.

Receipt BOX of 50 ONLY $95
Payment BOX of 100 ONLY $82

To order receipt paper and other supplies existing clients can simply select the Order Supplies section in the secure web portal.

You may also visit our order page directly:


POS-n-go has all your POS and payment terminal needs covered!

Shotgun Willy's Upgrades to PayPoint


Shotgun Willy's Saloon recently installed new Elo PayPoint all-in-one POS tablets running POS-n-go.

The old cash registers simply allowed for the recording of a basic transaction and nothing else.

With POS-n-go, Jasmine Bushko can now track and report on detailed bar inventory. On any given day, she will know exactly what the tally is for beer, wine and liquor.

She can also generate reports by product sales that are exportable into a CSV file and then imported into their accounting software to maintain accurate error free sales and tax numbers.

The staff clock-in clock-out function on POS-n-go helps Jasmine to streamline payroll calculations, saving her hours of time.

The Elo PayPoint has a large 13.3" touch screen, 2" receipt printer that conveniently accepts the same paper rolls as payment terminals, a cash drawer designed for Canadian currency, a bar code scanner, customer facing display and both WiFi and Ethernet connectivity. With the plug in of a single power cable the install of this elegent POS is complete.

Drop by Shotgun Willy's Saloon and take a look at the modern sleek PayPoint and POS-n-go.

Tomavo + POS-n-go = Business Success


Specialty fruits and veggie shop Tomavo uses POS-n-go on the latest all-in-one tablets and Valor certified weigh scales to keep customers happy. Oh, it could also be the fresh healthy affordable produce.

Owners Samar Najarian and Amer Khaled were tired of keeping track of sales on paper and needed a POS to streamline the business and keep the accounting records organized.

“A good thing about POS-n-go, its very easy for our accountants, I think that’s highly important. Before it was all paper stuff stacked everywhere and trying to keep track of everything. POS-n-go is paperless, its easy and [reports] are sent by email, its much more organized,” said Samar.

In terms of training staff on POS-n-go, she said, “Its very easy, its very straightforward, its not complicated at all, they got it right away.”

Tomavo uses Elo PayPoint all-in-one touch screen tablets, “Its very beautiful, very slick, we’ve had a lot of compliments from customers,” said Samar.

POS-n-go also worked hard to integrate the Valor weigh scale with the POS making transactions accurate, seamless and easy to complete. “The POS-n-go engineers have been really good," said Samar, "Customer service is very very good with POS-n-go.”

POS-n-go dealer RKP Atlantic assisted Tomavo in getting POS-n-go and the PayPoint terminals installed along with the Valor weigh scales. Samar said, “Oh my God, they [RKP] are beyond amazing always exceeding our expectations.”

Along with a fine array of vegetables, Tomavo carries a selection of unique fruits. One of the newest is the Hachiya Persimmon, a deep orange coloured fruit soft like a tomato that tastes candy sweet with a hint of baking spices. A great way to jazz up a winter day.

Stop by the store, 1063 Mountain Road, Moncton, New Brunswick.

The Great Ice Cream Giveaway


How would you like to win your very own tub of ice cream? It's smooth and tasty, and BIG, over 11 litres.

Mark & Niki's Snack Hut will give away six tubs of ice cream over the next few weeks.

Don't wait, hurry over to the Snack Hut and fill out an entry form.

Emma Toth did that and look what she won. We hope she got it home before it melted or strained her back.

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 11AM to 4PM for take out, the Snack Hut serves up tasty delights including homemade soups, chilli and muffins. Be sure to try a 100% all beef chilli cheese dog, or if your really adventurous add chilli to your muffin. Mmmm, good!

Niki has used POS-n-go for the last seven months and is thoroughly satisfied with its performance and ease of use. The extensive sales and tax reporting makes running her business a breeze and helps save money on accounting fees.

Great Ice Cream Giveaway entry forms available only at Mark and Niki's Snack Hut located in the Platzl, Kimberley.

These BIG tubs wont last long!

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