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POS-n-go at Cranbrook Chamber show


POS-n-go celebrates Small Business Week with the Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce.

VP Sales and Marketing, Nowell Berg, shows off the Elo PayPoint all-in-one point of sale system. PayPoint includes a large touch screen, cash drawer, bar code scanner, receipt printer and a built-in customer facing LCD display.

Local business owners stopped by to learn about POS-n-go and take a look at a demo on the PayPoint. Many were wowed by the PayPoint's sleek design and ease of installation.

For merchants not able to attend the show and who want to learn more about our world-class POS, please contact Nowell either toll free 1-888-342-8882 #851, or email, nowell@posngo.com.

Detailed information on POS-n-go features and pricing can be found at posngo.com.

Wasa Pub and POS-n-go Hand in Hand


Jim and Melinda Howard at the Wasa Country Pub and Grill use POS-n-go to track inventory and easily calculate taxes.

"POS-n-go has been a life saver for our Bar & Grill business. We started off with a very old till system that was an accounting nightmare. After switching over life is so much simpler and the accounting end is a breeze," said Melinda.

The other things she likes about POS-n-go are "PST/GST done at the end of each month, knowing the sales at the end of the day and inventory is so easy to track."

Tracking inventory helps Jim to know when and how much beer he'll need to bring in, and what beer is the biggest seller.

The grill is open every day until 10pm. Stop by for a delicious burger or a full meal.

Wasa Country Pub and Grill located at the corner of Highway 93/95 and Wasa Lake Park Drive.

Check out the Halloween Party Oct 28th, music with East/West connection starts at 8pm. Be sure to dress in your best costume.

It's worth the drive for great food, cold beer and free WIFI.

RKP Atlantic Joins the POS-n-go Family


POS-n-go Founder Richard Vienneau is proud to announce that RKP Atlantic Business Services will now promote and sell POS-n-go point-of-sale software in Atlantic Canada.

RKP owner, Ron Pomerleau, is excited to offer a top-tier POS software system to Atlantic Canada businesses including retail shops, corner convenient stores, restaurants, pubs, grills and clubs.

Pomerleau has many years experience with merchant services – debt and credit card processing – across Atlantic Canada. While engaging with merchants, Pomerleau was often asked by business owners about POS systems, hardware and software.

First introduced to POS-n-go through our mutual partner Pivotal Payments, Pomerleau investigated POS-n-go. He compared features and performance, then determined POS-n-go was a system he could endorse and recommend to merchants throughout Atlantic Canada.

When compared to other POS systems, “POS-n-go is very competitive and there’s a lot there,” said Pomerleau. He added, “The inventory control feature is superior to other systems.”

The POS-n-go features and functions for restaurants are “twice as much compared to other POS systems,” said Pomerleau.

Contact the RKP office at 1 506-870-8877, or email Ron Pomerleau – ron@atlbiz.biz.

The Hair Mob Selects POS-n-go


Misty Nabess at The Hair Mob in Cranbrook has been using POS-n-go for 18 months. The scheduling function allows multiple stylists to track thousands of customer appointments.

Said Nabess about POS-n-go, "Love it, awesome, easy to use."

Appointments can be designated by Type and Status. The Type of appointment can be phone-in, walk-in or pre-book. The Status can be scheduled, confirmed, arrived, cancelled and invoiced. Lots of details on each appointment.

Each customer appointment can be associated with product purchases. The entire transaction is then printed on a receipt or emailed, depending on the customers preference.

The Hair Mob exclusively stocks a complete line of Redken products.

If hair is not your thing, then try the tanning salon.

Check out The Hair Mob, call 778-517-5655.

Wasa Diner Using POS-n-go


Alison Powell at the Wasa Diner was one of the first merchants to select POS-n-go to record transactions and keep her accounts in order.

She needed an electronic solution to over-come the mounds of paper stacking up around her office.

Powell said of POS-n-go, "Its great, I used to struggle with lots of paper work to send to the bookkeeper, now I just email her the CSV reports."

The ease of creating and sending reports to the bookkeeper has saved "10%" on Powell's bookkeeping bills.

The Diner features all-day breakfast, speciality burgers and omelettes along with ten flavours of old fashioned milkshakes. She also points out the pizza's are "to die for."

The Wasa Diner still has an old cash register on display, but the POS-n-go tablet sits right beside it doing more than just recording a sales transaction.

Located at the corner of Wasa Lake Park Drive and Highway 93/95, the Diner is easy to find and worth the drive for great eats.

Bella Sports the Latest Doggie Cut


Cory's Dog Grooming and Spa was the first business to use POS-n-go to schedule appointments, track inventory and keep tight financial records.

Owner Cory Muir said, "POS-n-go is easy to use and operate." Muir uses many of the business reports to keep track of sales, taxes and inventory.

With almost 1000 different products, Muir really appreciates the inventory controls that are standard with POS-n-go.

At Cory's you get fast and creative dog grooming along with a wide variety of dog accessories from shampoos, collars and combs to stylish coats and fancy bedding. Cory's also stocks the Paul Mitchell line of dog products.

Located in Kimberley on Wallinger Avenue just west of Mark Creek, check out CorysGrooming.com, or call 250-427-2311 for an appointment.

While you're there, be sure to look for Bella's current tail colour.

Release Version 1.83 - Restaurant Table View


The newest version of the POS-n-go application implements restaurant section and table screens. This new way of accessing your open orders is a perfect match for restaurants with table seating.

You can create any number of sections for your restaurant and assign each an appropriate name such as Bar, Lounge and Patio. Each section is a separate screen that holds a range of table numbers. One or more orders are then associated to a table.

The table information is presented using an easy to identify colour coding. Information such as the table number, server, customer name, number of seats and time seated provide insight at a glance.

This new version also includes Item Holds to allow servers to quickly and easily place individual items on hold. Now you can take drink, appetiser and mains orders at one time but release the items to the kitchen at appropriate times. The restaurant view shows tables with items on hold in red to ensure that they are not forgotten.

The restaurant view is designed to use with our POS-n-go Sync Box that shares orders between tablets. This powerful combination will streamline your restaurant!

POS-n-go Certified on Elo Paypoint


POS-n-go point-of-sale is proud to announce a partnership with Elo, and POS-n-go’s certification of the Elo PayPoint device. Elo is a leading global supplier of touchscreen computers with over 20 million installs worldwide.

Richard Vienneau, POS-n-go Founder and President, said “POS-n-go is now certified on the Elo PayPoint all-in-one POS system. I am excited about this opportunity to launch POS-n-go with a world leader like Elo.”

“The Elo PayPoint all-in-one POS system is a unique solution that provides everything a merchant needs at the checkout without the clutter and complexity of an ala carte system,” said Dave Murphy, director of software alliances and developer relations at Elo. “With its single cable design, PayPoint makes setting up the point-of-sale system fast and easy. Just unbox, plug in, connect, and go.”

POS-n-go, A Kimberley IT success story sourced in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Small merchants love us!

For detailed information on POS-n-go, please visit - www.posngo.com

About Elo: Elo is a global leader in touchscreen solutions, including and interactive signage displays from 10 to 70 inches. The inventor of the touchscreen, Elo now has 20+ million retail and hospitality installations in 80+ countries, with products designed in California and built to last, with a three-year standard warranty. The Elo touchscreen experience has consistently stood for quality, reliability and innovation. Elo intellectual property is protected by global patent, trademark and design registrations. Learn more about Elo at EloTouch.com

Enjoy Earthly de lights


de lights gelato shop in Kimberley uses POS-n-go to ring in sales and clock employee time.

Summer means cool treats. At de lights enjoy Itallian gelato and dairy free sorbetto, as well as, cookies, smoothies, coffee and iced tea.

Noelle Duncan works behind the counter to help you make a tough gelato decision. Her reaction to POS-n-go, "I absolutely love it, easy to use, super efficient and fast."

Duncan has worked in other places using different POS systems. She said POS-n-go is by far the best one. "They're pretty incomparable to this [POS-n-go], they're not as quick and being able to customize makes a huge difference."

On the corner at Wallinger next to the Post Office. Open late and every weekend in September when you get the urge to indulge.

Make your summer de lights!

Mr. Wilson Loves POS-n-go


Kimberley Kritters Pet Boutique is the latest merchant to select POS-n-go as their point-of-sales system.

Owner Erin Thompson and partner Brian Sondergaard just open Kritters August 4th at 550B Mark Street. They have everything you need for your dog, cat, hampster, even fish food.

When asked about POS-n-go, Erin said, "Easy peasy, love it, the training required was minimal basically an hour is what we spent and we had it down pat."

With 1000s of products, keeping track of inventory was paramount for Erin and Brian. Trying to do that on paper was just not possible.

"We just did our first inventory re-order and it was very very simple. I can print a report by supplier, it gives me the supplier codes and quantities." Then she just sends the PDF report or CSV file to the supplier, and its done.

She's happy, the supplier's happy. No stress accuracy!

Check out Mr. Wilson's groovy tie @kimberleykritters, www.kimberleykritters.com

Welcome to the POS-n-go family Mr. Wilson, you too Erin and Brian.

The Great Purcell Outdoors


Purcell Outdoors selects POS-n-go for its point of sales system.

They carry a wide variety of outdoor equipment and supplies for the avid back country climber to the weekend hiker taking on the local trails.

Patrick Humenny and his pal Jasper are there to help you find the right equipment for the right trek, either local or off in some far flung land.

Humenny said, "POS-n-go is very easy to operate. It's a simple system loaded with features. I have recommended POS-n-go to other business owners."

POS-n-go provides Humenny with complete inventory control over the 1100 plus products he carries @purcelloutdoors.

As well, POS-n-go "makes doing books easy."

Humenny also tracks the purchases on over 250 registered customers which allows him to target his marketing to their preferences.

My Best Friend's Closet


My Best Friend's Closet in Kimberley chose POS-n-go for its point of sale. Owner Dianne Wilkie said, "Just love POS-n-go, love it. The supplier feature is perfect for our consignment business."

My Best Friend's Closet is not just a high-end clothing consignment shop, but a whole lot more. You'll find furniture, antiques and even toys.

POS-n-go has a special feature for consignment stores that allows for the tracking of each consignee's merchandise, payments and products sold.

Let POS-n-go do all the complicated tracking and reporting!

Home Made Waffle Cones at Snack Hut


Mark & Niki's Snack Hut located on the Platzl in Kimberley is home to a wide variety of hard ice cream and summer time treats. They also have hot dogs and cold drinks.

Their specialty is a home-made waffle cone.

Standing at the front counter you can watch Niki Traverse make the delicious cones from scratch. She uses an older machine to cook the batter, then rolls the waffle to give it the cone shape. Then she adds a small marshmellow and piece of chocolate to the bottom of the cone! Mmmmm, delicious.

Snack Hut chose POS-n-go for its point of sales system. The fast order screen allows Niki to complete an ice cream sale in no time at all.

Niki invites all residents and tourists to stop by and try out their favorite ice cream and a homemade waffle cone.

POS-n-go point of sale is ideal for fast food, restaurants, pubs, night clubs, retail shops, salons and personal services businesses. It's loaded with features at one ultra-low monthly fee.

Release Version 1.80


Version 1.80 introduces small changes to make things easier for you. The login screen now has a Help Manual button that displays our always current on-line documentation. The documentation guides you through both using and configuring your POS.

The payment screen now has larger tender buttons and a larger tender type displayed on the amount confirmation screen ensuring that payments are always applied correctly.

For clients using the fast order screen you may now switch to the regular order details screen using the Switch Screen button. This is ideal if your fast order screen has a subset of your products and an order starts off as fast but changes to include additional products not available on the fast screen.

Version 1.80 also includes changes for new hardware that will be announced soon. Watch for upcoming announcements.

POS-n-go, small merchants love us!

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