Receipt Paper In Stock


POS-n-go carries receipt printer paper and payment terminal paper to keep your business running efficiently.

We have in stock 3 1/8" thermal receipt paper for all Star receipt printers. We also have bond paper and ink ribbons for kitchen impact printers such as the Star SP700.

If you need 2 1/4" thermal paper for a debit/credit card payment terminal we've got that as well. The rolls fit Ingenico Telium and Verifone terminals.

Pricing for boxes is considerably lower than the big box stores, and POS-n-go will ship it or have it available for pick-up the same business day that you place your order.

Receipt BOX of 50 ONLY $95
Payment BOX of 100 ONLY $82

To order receipt paper and other supplies existing clients can simply select the Order Supplies section in the secure web portal.

You may also visit our order page directly:

POS-n-go has all your POS and payment terminal needs covered!

Shotgun Willy's Upgrades to PayPoint


Shotgun Willy's Saloon recently installed new Elo PayPoint all-in-one POS tablets running POS-n-go.

The old cash registers simply allowed for the recording of a basic transaction and nothing else.

With POS-n-go, Jasmine Bushko can now track and report on detailed bar inventory. On any given day, she will know exactly what the tally is for beer, wine and liquor.

She can also generate reports by product sales that are exportable into a CSV file and then imported into their accounting software to maintain accurate error free sales and tax numbers.

The staff clock-in clock-out function on POS-n-go helps Jasmine to streamline payroll calculations, saving her hours of time.

The Elo PayPoint has a large 13.3" touch screen, 2" receipt printer that conveniently accepts the same paper rolls as payment terminals, a cash drawer designed for Canadian currency, a bar code scanner, customer facing display and both WiFi and Ethernet connectivity. With the plug in of a single power cable the install of this elegent POS is complete.

Drop by Shotgun Willy's Saloon and take a look at the modern sleek PayPoint and POS-n-go.

Tomavo + POS-n-go = Business Success


Specialty fruits and veggie shop Tomavo uses POS-n-go on the latest all-in-one tablets and Valor certified weigh scales to keep customers happy. Oh, it could also be the fresh healthy affordable produce.

Owners Samar Najarian and Amer Khaled were tired of keeping track of sales on paper and needed a POS to streamline the business and keep the accounting records organized.

“A good thing about POS-n-go, its very easy for our accountants, I think that’s highly important. Before it was all paper stuff stacked everywhere and trying to keep track of everything. POS-n-go is paperless, its easy and [reports] are sent by email, its much more organized,” said Samar.

In terms of training staff on POS-n-go, she said, “Its very easy, its very straightforward, its not complicated at all, they got it right away.”

Tomavo uses Elo PayPoint all-in-one touch screen tablets, “Its very beautiful, very slick, we’ve had a lot of compliments from customers,” said Samar.

POS-n-go also worked hard to integrate the Valor weigh scale with the POS making transactions accurate, seamless and easy to complete. “The POS-n-go engineers have been really good," said Samar, "Customer service is very very good with POS-n-go.”

POS-n-go dealer RKP Atlantic assisted Tomavo in getting POS-n-go and the PayPoint terminals installed along with the Valor weigh scales. Samar said, “Oh my God, they [RKP] are beyond amazing always exceeding our expectations.”

Along with a fine array of vegetables, Tomavo carries a selection of unique fruits. One of the newest is the Hachiya Persimmon, a deep orange coloured fruit soft like a tomato that tastes candy sweet with a hint of baking spices. A great way to jazz up a winter day.

Stop by the store, 1063 Mountain Road, Moncton, New Brunswick.

The Great Ice Cream Giveaway


How would you like to win your very own tub of ice cream? It's smooth and tasty, and BIG, over 11 litres.

Mark & Niki's Snack Hut will give away six tubs of ice cream over the next few weeks.

Don't wait, hurry over to the Snack Hut and fill out an entry form.

Emma Toth did that and look what she won. We hope she got it home before it melted or strained her back.

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 11AM to 4PM for take out, the Snack Hut serves up tasty delights including homemade soups, chilli and muffins. Be sure to try a 100% all beef chilli cheese dog, or if your really adventurous add chilli to your muffin. Mmmm, good!

Niki has used POS-n-go for the last seven months and is thoroughly satisfied with its performance and ease of use. The extensive sales and tax reporting makes running her business a breeze and helps save money on accounting fees.

Great Ice Cream Giveaway entry forms available only at Mark and Niki's Snack Hut located in the Platzl, Kimberley.

These BIG tubs wont last long!

POS-n-go 2017 a Great Year


POS-n-go enjoyed a banner 2017. We expanded beyond the East and West Kootenay and are now coast to coast in Canada. Over the past year, POS-n-go businesses processed hundreds of thousands of transactions worth millions of dollars.

Compared to 2016, the 2017 transaction dollar amount increased 4.8 times. The number of transactions processed increased a significant 527%.

Not only did existing and new customers do great business, but significant application upgrades were implemented. POS-n-go is the number one feature filled POS system for small merchants.

Major restaurant additions in 2017 include a fast order screen, advanced shared order processing along with hold and release functions for course ordering.

For retail shops, the inventory control function now includes the option of using a suppliers name and product code that streamlines inventory ordering. Another great addition for consignment shops is the ability to track the debt's and credit's for each customer.

Retail shops selling products by weight can now take advantage of the integration to the Valor 7000 series of electronic scales that are legal for tender in Canada. Different models support various weight ranges and all are certified by Weights and Measures Canada.

This past year, POS-n-go became certified on Elo Touchscreen PayPoint and PayPoint Plus POS hardware. These sleek all-in-one machines provide another hardware option for POS-n-go users. Both feature integrated tablet, cash drawer, receipt printer, bar code scanner and customer facing display.

POS-n-go also completed certification for the Poynt Smart terminal in the USA and Canada. This all-in-one system incorporates a POS screen and payment terminal into a modern compact design.

We also welcomed our first dealer from Eastern Canada, RKP Atlantic. Ron Pomerleau and his team cover New Brunswick and Nova Scotia providing merchant services, POS hardware and POS-n-go to a wide range of small businesses.

North American Business Solutions also partnered with POS-n-go to enhance their product offerings to businesses across Canada.

POS-n-go Solutions Inc. looks forward to substantial growth in 2018.

From POS-n-go - All the Best!

Thank you to all of the business owners who chose POS-n-go for their POS.

It's been a great year and we look forward to serving you in 2018.

Wishing all of you and your families, a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sushi N More


Kimberley's newest sushi restaurant, Sushi N More, started using POS-n-go a couple of weeks ago, and already Sharon Hong is finding it "easy to learn and use."

Hong really likes the seat based ordering that allows her to split and reprint orders for each person at a crowded table.

Reviews so far say the food is "really really good" along with "great service and tasty sushi." Patrons say they'll be back for more.

If sushi is not your thing, there is a full cooked menu including Korean, Yakisoba, Udon soups and Donburi, that are sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Call for more info, (778) 481-5215, or just drop in anytime from 11am to 10pm.

Sushi N More located at 1685 Warren Ave., Kimberley, BC.

In Theory Hair Studio Working with POS-n-go


When Vancouver's In Theory Hair Studio needed a new POS system, shop owner Tindi Chohan looked at several possibilities. She ended up selecting POS-n-go.

After 35 years in the hair salon business, Tindi said, "It [POS system] has to be simple, it couldn't be complicated, this one [POS-n-go] is easy."

"I choose POS-n-go because it was easy to use," said Tindi. "Now everyone is on board. Everybody is using it without any problem."

As a rental salon with no front desk person to handle customer transactions, she needed a POS system that would help stylists process transactions fast. "With POS-n-go bang bang bang and the customer is out," she said.

In Theory carries a full line of hair products, including Goldwell, KMS, Redken and Morocan oil.

Wrapping up, Tindi said, "I would recommend POS-n-go to other salons, especially for a rental salon, it's really easy."

In Theory wishes their patrons, family and friends a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

In Theory Hair Studio located at 3160 Macdonald St., Vancouver. Give them a call at 604-559-7733.

POS-n-go Connects with UVic Students


Over the past month, POS-n-go worked with four University of Victoria business students on a marketing analysis and strategy project. The connection enables students to gain valuable work experience while in the classroom.

Third year students Cole Slight (l), Amanda Jones, Jack Palmer and Sally Zhao from the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business undertook an analysis of POS-n-go social media marketing along with how business owners make decisions about acquiring a point-of-sale (POS) system, and how to identify and target new businesses needing a POS system.

VP Sales and Marketing, Nowell Berg, conducted a remote demo of POS-n-go for the students, outlined the existing sales and marketing strategy and answered a long list of questions from the students. He also provided the students back-ground on the POS and payment terminal industry.

We are very pleased to work with higher education and the bright minds entering the workforce of tomorrow.

Looking forward to their final report!

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