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Version 1.78 - Restaurant Order Types


Version 1.78 now supports order types. Restaurants can utilise this feature to designate an order as Eat-In, Take-Out or any other configurable type. The order type is clearly printed on order tickets to ensure that it is noticed by your preparation staff.

The order type is prompted for when a new order is created. It can also be updated at any time on the Order Details screen. Enable this feature in Basic Setup, Devices, Edit your specific individual device, General section, Order Types.

This version also includes some minor enhancements for salons, spas and groomers. The appointment book has a new appointment status of "No Show". The status is displayed in the same colour as a cancelled appointment. Creating, updating and deleting appointments is now logged against the operator performing the task. This will ensure accountability for any schedule changes.

POS-n-go, Small merchants love us!

POS-n-go Sync Box


Founder and President Richard Vienneau is excited to announce the first Canada wide "pay at table" integration between POS-n-go point of sale and Pivotal Payments. Its called Sync Box. According to Vienneau, "Now there is an easy and cost effective way to retrieve POS orders directly on the payment terminal. Payments, including customer tip, are automatically applied to the order."

"The Sync Box enables integrated pay at the table for lightning fast turnover and enhanced customer experience," says Nowell Berg, V.P., Sales and Marketing for POS-n-go.

For busy restaurants using multiple POS-n-go tablets, Sync Box enables super fast order sharing. Need to add another drink to an order? No problem. Need to transfer a table? Its an easy click. Pay any order in the system? Done in a flash right at the table.

Version 1.77 of the POS-n-go application includes support for the Sync Box.

To experience hassle free Sync Box speed, security and convenience, contact nowell@posngo.com, or call toll free 1 888 342 8882, ext 851.

Get table side payment today with POS-n-go!

Yahk Soap


Taking the plunge, Tammy Bessant moved lock stock and barrel, or in this case skin care products, soap and candles, to Yahk, BC.

Tammy installed the POS-n-go point of sales system in the shop and the next door Two Scoops Steve ice cream parlour.

She has taken over the Yahk Soap & Candle Company and incorporated her Earthware business into one location.

Her unique shop contains scented hand-made soaps and candles produced in-house and from other artisans in the Kootenay's. The gift shop contains a selection of hand-made jewellery, sewing and wood carvings. You can even get a cup of herbal tea.

Earthwear Face & Body produces natural skin care products.

Find Tammy here:

Welcome to the POS-n-go family!!!

Version 1.76 - Fast Order Screen, Customer Accounts & More!


Version 1.76 is here with exciting new features! A new fast order screen is perfect for quick service restaurants, ice cream shops, bars, night clubs and any business needing the fastest customer order processing.

The screen features colour coded buttons for fast item addition. The order sub-total, tax amount and grand total are displayed and updated as items are added and removed. Buttons quickly send the order, print a receipt or transition directly to the payment screen.

The colour coded buttons are easily configured and reference your existing product setup. You may create buttons for all your products or only a subset of them. The fast order screen feature can be enabled for specific tablets in the Basic Setup, Devices section of the secure web portal. The actual buttons are configured in the Advanced Setup, Fast Order Screen section.

Another new feature is customer account management. The accounts can be used as both credit and debit type accounts depending on your business needs. The new Customer Account button can be found on the payment screen. The current order can be charged to a customer account either partially or for the full amount. Payments can be applied to the customer account from any tender type such as cash, check and credit. All account transactions print a transaction receipt, including the customer account balance function.

The screen showing customer change due has been merged into the closed order print options screen. This streamlines all orders.

The Host Sync button has been separated into Download Settings and Batch Host Sync buttons. This change makes it clearer for both new and existing customers that changes to your POS settings can be downloaded at any time and separately from the end-of-day host sync process.

Earth's Own Naturals Selects POS-n-go


POS-n-go is pleased to announce that Laurie Weitzel at Earth's Own Naturals in Kimberley has chosen our point of sale system for her shop. Earth's Own provides natural products for the control of chronic pain.

Welcome to the POS-n-go family!

KnickerKnacker Gift Shop


The team at POS-n-go welcomes Kim Shindruk and her new store Knicker Knacker in Kimberley.

Knicker Knacker is a tea and gift store. They have a large selection of loose leaf teas. Take them home or try it right in the store. Also on hand are Turkish towels, bags made from re-cycled army tents, leather bags imported from Italy and a unique and large selection of gift cards not found anywhere else. You'll also find bags and quilts made from re-cycled Sari's.

L'Arome Parfumes Using POS-n-go


Rez Vafa and L'Arome Parfumes selects POS-n-go for their high end kiosk in Chinook Mall, Calgary. Check out the wide array of perfumes made in France, www.larome-parfumes.com.

Welcome Rez to the POS-n-go family.

Release Version 1.70


We are pleased to announce the release of version 1.70 of the POS-n-go application. This version includes enhancements for different client industries.

Hair salons, pet groomers, professional services and businesses requiring customer identification may now associate an unlimited number of pictures to a customer profile. Scrolling through the images is quick and adding a new picture is easy. The pictures are numbered sequentially and stored securely in our data centre.

Clients using the schedule system with appointment functionality may now quickly find available appointment openings. The Available Appointments feature allows you to search for an opening based on the appointment duration required and optionally for a specific person (for example a specific hair stylist). The system will return a list of openings and selecting one will transition to the schedule view for the particular date selected.

Restaurants and larger retail businesses with multiple tablets have always been able to share orders and transfer them. A new configurable setting will enhance the order sharing by using the same order number across all devices. This will provide clearer identification of an order that is perhaps transferred many times as the order number will remain the same.

The integrated payment terminal batch close feature has been enhanced to skip terminals with an empty batch and continue with the host sync end-of-day process.

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