Golden Fry – Shediac, NB


With over 30 years in the restaurant business, Dan Fournier grew up working in a restaurant owned by his parents. In 1988 he took over running it for the next 18 years.

Then in 2009 he bought Golden Fry. The current location on Main Street has been newly renovated inside and out. “We’re happy with the results,” said Fournier.

A sea food restaurant, Golden Fry serves up fried clams, shrimp and scallops. Don’t forget the locally sourced lobster used in the daily special priced at $7.99. “Good pricing” is part of Golden Fry’s success.

Fournier uses fresh cut locally grown potatoes, when in season, for their popular fries. He brings in curds from Quebec for poutine which is another favourite dish among local residents.

Fournier discovered POS-n-go through RKP Atlantic Business Service. He uses it to send orders to the kitchen and track sales, taxes and staff time. They selected the POS-n-go top selling all-in-one Elo PayPoint. The Elo PayPoint features a large 13.3" touch screen, cash drawer, receipt printer and customer display all in one elegant and small package.

If you get to Shediac, NB and are looking for a Maritime food experience, then check out Golden Fry. Eat in or take out.

Treat Yourself Well with Pie and Ice Cream!


Erna Jensen, De-lights owner, provides high quality small batch gelato and frozen sweet treats.

Jensen’s recipe for success. “Offer a high quality product with good ingredients that is delicious. And, provide exceptional customer service.”

Treating customers “very well” became the springboard for a new venture at De-lights. “Providing in-house baking, pies and bread.”

Jensen has joined forces with Bread and Butter Kimberely, run by Samantha Najarro & Dan McInnes.

Using part of the De-lights space, Najarro bakes pies, cookies, muffins and scones from scratch every day. McInnes, a trained Chef, mills organic grain into unbleached flour for fresh artisan bread. They use all organic ingredients, when available, and make butter using cream from Kootenay Meadows dairy. Najarro uses in-season local fruit encased in a butter crust for her pies.

“Pie and gelato or ice cream, what’s not to like,” Jensen said.

Buy a whole pie, or just a slice with ice cream. What a treat any day.

Jensen’s been using POS-n-go since its inception. “Its been fantastic. From the get go the service is exceptional. Its worked well for us,” she said. Adding, “The companies been great to work with.” Jensen would “absolutely, 100%” recommend POS-n-go to other businesses looking to upgrade to a modern POS system.

For Najarro, a relative new POS-n-go user, “I find it really user friendly and intuitive to enter products” which change daily based on what is baked. One day muffins, the next scones. Pie varieties also change frequently. Adding products on the fly is an absolute necessity.

Check out the newest taste sensation in the centre of Kimberley, BC. De-lights and Bread & Butter.

Open daily at 9am. Friday, Saturday and Sunday until 9pm.

Get Gritty with Knitting


After traveling south from the Yukon four years ago, Christina Chalifour and her husband purchased a building in Kimberley.

Chalifour turned a life-long passion for knitting into her first store front business, The Knitty Gritty. When thinking about a name, she wanted something fun and catchy. Besides, it rhymes.

Regarding her interest in knitting, “I think its mostly the fibers. I’m attracted to the fibers, the colours and textures and making garments out of it. It’s therapeutic and relaxing.”

Chalifour wants The Knitty Gritty “to be a fun place where people come and get together to knit.”

The shop is full of yarn in a wide variety of colours. She only stocks natural fibers like wool, linen, silk, bamboo and hemp. There will also be a yarn, brought in from Japan, that contains 15% stainless steel. How unique is that? “It helps shape garments,” she said.

The yarn at The Knitty Gritty is sourced “from all over the place, South America, Peru, Ecuador and Italy.” Canadian yarn includes Sweet Georgia, Sweet Paprika and Sugar Bush.

Do you have a specific colour of yarn in mind? Can’t find it anywhere? Chalifour has the solution, “tailor make any colour of yarn.” Custom hand-dyed yarn in any colour you can image, right here in the East Kootenay.

Besides fibers and yarns, the store carries a selection of high quality needles, crochet hooks and felting materials.

Chalifour plans to introduce monthly knitting workshops for all skill levels along with quilting workshops.

Like other POS-n-go users, Chalifour learned about it from other business owners. Her initial review of POS-n-go, “I really like it, very easy to learn and the HELP button is really great.” She uses POS-n-go on the sleek modern all-in-one Elo PayPoint. One feature she found very easy is “inputting inventory. Its a really good way to learn the system,” she said.

For everything Knitty and Gritty, check out the new store, now open at 203 Spokane Street, Kimberley, BC next to Paper & Cup, on the Platzl. Open 7 days a week, 11am to 6pm.

Books, Coffee, Tea & Sweet Treats


With a few extra hours on her hands, Candice Pickering decided to fill them up by opening Kootenay Grounds in Cranbrook.

She decided on a cafe book store combination because, “I really wanted somewhere comfortable for people to come hang out.”

To go along with a cup of Oso Negro coffee, you will find sweet treats plus cold pressed coffee and lemonade. All baking is homemade from scratch, “just like Gramma would make it in the kitchen.”

If coffee is not your drink, then try a steaming cup of Asteria handcrafted, organic and fair trade loose tea from Grassmere.

Pickering decided to add books as something “a little extra.” Buy or just browse a new or used title while you relax with a hot or cold drink and a bite to eat.

If you are inclined, sit down at the chess board and take on the challenge.

Pickering said, “People come in sit with their laptops and drink coffee, I love seeing that.”

When Pickering found out POS-n-go was a local POS being used in shops, stores and cafes around the East Kootenay and across Canada, she installed it at Kootenay Grounds. “I love that its local and would definitely recommend it to other businesses.”

“Its very user friendly,” she said. And tech support, “They get back to us really quickly if we have any questions.” One feature she likes is the ease of using modifiers which allow staff to customize a persons drink with “extra syrups and different milks.” POS-n-go is also integrated to BookNet to easily add new book products with a couple clicks.

Enjoy a relaxing and cheerful space with friends over a coffee or tea. Be sure to try the chocolate brownies.

Kootenay Grounds, #16 D 11th Ave South, Cranbrook, BC, across the street from the RCMP building.

Cafeteria Lunch Made Easy


The cafeteria at Fernie Secondary gives students the opportunity to buy a hot lunch along with drinks and snacks.

Fernie Secondary School, located in Fernie, BC, holds grades 7 through 12. The original school was located in downtown Fernie from 1908 until 1999. In 1999, a new building was opened on a property adjacent to the Fernie Golf and Country Club.

In the cafeteria students can pay with cash, but generally will buy a $20 lunch card. After the student selects their lunch meal, the card is manually punched to indicate a purchase.

The School turned to POS-n-go for help to modernize and speed up the heavily used cafeteria lunch program.

The customer management tool in POS-n-go allows staff to register a student using their ID number or phone number and record the amount they have purchased on their lunch card.

When the student account is viewed at the time of payment, the amount remaining is prominently displayed for the cafeteria worker to see if there is sufficient funds. If so, their account can be debited the amount of the purchase. If not, the student can then “top-up” their account.

POS-n-go allows cafeteria staff to track sales and inventory making it easier for them to know which items are most popular with students and facilitate inventory purchasing.

By going electronic with POS-n-go, the cafeteria is able to handle the intense lunch period with a fast and efficient way for students to buy lunch.

Take the trip to Yahk and Back!


Summer at Yahk would not be summer without a visit to Two Scoop Steve’s world famous ice cream shop.

If you are looking for something more substantial, then walk next door to the Yahk Mountain Cafe. They serve up a full lunch menu from 10am to 7pm. Try appetizing homemade soup and sandwiches served on fresh in-house baked bread. Home cooked pastries are a great way to top off a meal.

This season you will find two new tasty additions to the menu.

At the ice cream window, pick up a sundae served with homemade Creston fruit sauces. A new way to enjoy an old favourite.

The two biggest ice cream sellers are Salmon Slobber and Moose Fit. We can assure you, they are made from ice cream. Ask for a sample. If you dare, try the full cone.

At the Cafe, the new addition is the Steve dog. A large substantial hot dog loaded with fresh toppings like chili, cheese, onions even sauerkraut.

Two Scoop Steve runs POS-n-go on an all-in-one Elo PayPoint. Tammy Bessant, shop owner, continues to rave about POS-n-go, “Its awesome. Super easy to use. Tech support is outstanding. I’ll have a response to my questions in no time.”

Located right next to Highway 3 on Johnson Road, Two Scoop Steve and Yahk Mountain Cafe open May to September long-weekend.

Everything you would expect from a cozy cafe and ice cream shop.

Ice Cream, Kids and Family


With a background in food service and hospitality, it was only a matter of time before Carol Stephens was able to open an ice cream shop “in the best location ever.” When the original owners sold Lickity Split Ice Cream Shop, Stephens decided to buy, expand the hot menu and stay open year round.

Lickity Split, located on 304th Street across the street from Marysville Falls in Kimberley, BC is a family run business. Being close to the Falls is a perfect spot to attract tourists and those wishing for a smooth flavourful ice cream on a hot summer day. Be warned, it may take time to figure out which flavour(s) you select, there are 45 to choose from.

Stephens introduced home-made hot food including donairs, soups and chili to complement the hard ice cream, screamers, slushies and soft ice cream.

“I believe in quality ingredients and food,” said Stephens. Its her only approach to cooking which extends to the exclusive use of Foothills Creamery ice cream, Cliff’s Meats and Anthena donairs.

Widely known, Foothills Creamery celebrates its 50th anniversary this summer. “People stop by just for the ice cream. It sells itself,” Stephens said.

The other important part of owning the shop is the “the social aspect. Meeting people from everywhere, from different parts of the world.” And, children, “We love kids. This is definitely a kids place. I tell my staff you gotta love kids, and clean up after them.”

After using POS-n-go for a year, Stephens said, “I love this system, it tells me everything I need to know.” She uses the extensive reports to better understand daily and weekly sales patterns which allows her to better schedule staff. “POS-n-go is absolutely easy to use and train staff, it really is. And, tech support, amazing as well.”

Be sure to stop by on Mother’s Day, entertainment by a clown and takeaway a creative balloon design.

Right now the shop is open for lunch and dinner from 12noon to 7pm. Starting May long weekend, Lickity Split opens at 11am and closes after the last customer is served.

Its worth the trip to Lickity Split, take the few steps down from street level and enter into a world of cool sweet treats and fresh hot food.

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