The Nest Raves About POS-n-go


After seeing POS-n-go in action, The Nest owner Andrea Track said, “Lets get this system.”

Track has used a wide variety of POS systems in her career opening and operating restaurants around the world. How does POS-n-go compare to these others systems? “Probably the easiest one that I have ever self-taught myself, didn’t need a lot of help. Its very self-explanatory,” she said.

As for working on the back-end portal account she said it was easy and she “programs on the fly.” Depending on what Chef and owner Darcy Makeiff is preparing, “I get the menu at 4:45, we open at 5pm. All that stuff [the menu] is programmed into the computer in 5 minutes.”

The fact transactions happen very fast and there is no lag time with the front end tablet makes the restaurant run smoothly.

“I love the tax report, that’s why I bought the system. I always handed off that portion of taxes to an accountant, so for me to be able to click some buttons and see them come up, its great,” Track said.

The other great feature POS-n-go provides Track and The Nest owners is liquor inventory tracking and control. “Not having to pay another company to do the liquor inventory has also been great,” she said.

Knowing the inventory, food and tax details of the restaurants operation saves Track hours of work and has, almost, put an end to her sleepless nights.

The Nest specializes in unique hand-made food and drink combinations prepared and served by the owners-Track, Makeiff and Neill Anderson, along with Oskar Pinter. You will not find this anywhere else.

Drop in and tantalize your taste buds with unique Oriental and Western fusion dishes changing daily or weekly, reserving your table is a better call, 778 481 5125.

Their motto: We gonna fuze the finer things @ 465 304th St. Marysville, Kimberley, BC

(Photo: Oskar Pinter (l), Andrea Track, Darcy Makeiff, Neill Anderson (r))