Secure Integrated Payments

Wireless Pay-At-The-Table for Restaurants.


Desktop for Retail Stores and Quick Service.


Pay-At-The-Table allows you to retrieve open POS-n-go orders directly on the payment terminal. Approved payments are instantly applied to the order.


For retail and QSR the payment amount is automatically sent to the payment terminal and approved payments are applied to the POS-n-go order.


The integration results in an efficient customer experience while ensuring that you balance at the end of the day the first time, every time.

No Contract

No Hidden Fees

Exclusive Lowest Rates


Secure PCI certified integration.

Free setup, $0 monthly fee, cancel at any time.

Transparent processor margin with Cost+ pricing.

Exclusive Cost+ rate of $0.08 + 0.18% for credit transactions.

What is Cost+ Pricing?


Cost+ pricing is a billing method that provides full transparency and savings. When you process a transaction the interchange cost is passed directly on to you. The processor adds 0.18% on top for its services. You know their cost and profit margin! Most processors use Interchange Differential pricing which allows them to charge multiple times for the same transaction.


Setup Fee$0
Monthly Fee$0
Cancel Fee$0
Statement Fee$0
Quarterly PCI Fee$34.95
Visa & Mastercard$0.08 + 0.18% Cost+
Interac Debit$0.05
Daily Batch Close$0.08

Powerful Hardware

Flexible Solutions

Rent or Buy


Ingenico Telium colour terminals with tip and tap.

Desktop wired terminal for retail and QSR.

Bluetooth wireless terminal for restaurants.

3G wireless terminal for mobile and delivery.

Payment Terminals

iCT250 Terminal
iWL252 Terminal
+Docking Station Base
iWL252 Extra Terminal
Mobile 3G
iWL255 Terminal
+Unlimited Data