Enhanced Inventory Management


Inventory management has been enhanced to support minimum and reorder quantities along with reorder reports and export data. This functionality will enable our retail clients to simplify the ordering of products from their suppliers.

The minimum quantity allows you to configure the threshold where products that are below it in current quantity are reordered.

The reorder quantity specifies the quantity of products to reorder from a supplier when the threshold is triggered.

Viewing and configuration for individual products is done in the Inventory section on the secure web portal. New products that are added in the Products section are also optionally prompted for initial values.

The Inventory section also includes a Reorder button that will generate a Comma Separated Values (CSV) list of products to reorder. This file can be imported into a spreadsheet and used for automated vendor ordering.

Two new reports are available in the Reports section of the portal. A new sub-section for Inventory groups reports for both current product inventory and reordering. The reorder report can be run as a full list or by category.

Lastly, the updating of current inventory quantities has been enhanced to match the Android application interface. Selection of the inventory update reason will automatically handle positive and negative changes. Entry of negative numbers is no longer permitted.