POS-n-go announces AEVI Partnership


Kimberley, BC - POS-n-go Solutions Inc., a Canadian-based POS software provider, today announces a partnership with AEVI to expand the availability of its POS-n-go app to North American payment solution providers such as acquirers, VARs and ISOs. The app will be added onto AEVI’s App Marketplace, an open and vendor agnostic marketplace containing a wide selection of third-party merchant apps that run on smart payment devices from multiple AEVI-enabled vendors.

The global POS terminal market was estimated by Transparency Market Research (TMR) to be US $54.6 bn in 2016, whilst the hardware market remains strong, the Cloud POS Market size is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 22.7% to USD 3.73 billion. POS-n-go answers the need of small merchants in the US wishing to have an innovative digital POS solution to match increasing consumer expectations at checkout.

POS-n-go is a tablet-based point-of-sale system loaded with features like inventory control, customer and supplier management, sales performance dashboard, commission and appointment book features, an online store, loyalty points and gift card program along with seventy (70) plus reports that provide in-depth analysis and financial understanding of how your small business is operating.

AEVI’s App Marketplace gives merchant payment solution providers, such as merchant acquirers, ISOs and VARs, access to a wide selection of third-party apps that run on smart payment devices. It expands the market for the app developers working with AEVI who only need to write code once to run their app alongside others on any AEVI-enabled devices from multiple vendors. AEVI advises merchant payment solution providers on how to bundle apps for their merchants in tailored all-in-one solutions that enhance daily management as well as the customer experience.

Nowell Berg, VP Sales and Marketing at POS-n-go said: "POS-n-go’s strategy of providing small merchants with the tools to help them understand their customers buying habits and preferences, to know what makes their business profitable, and to achieve their dreams can only be enhanced by a partnership with AEVI."

POS-n-go is responsive to the business needs of small merchants who want to enhance the shopping experience and stand out from the competition. Listening to our merchants leads to incremental enhancements and operating efficiencies in the POS-n-go app.

Nicky Koopman, VP Content and Value-Added Apps and Services said: "It is an exciting time for app developers to join AEVI. We are committed to providing our customers with the foundation for next generation acquiring that allow them to provide their SMBs merchants with apps which simplify daily management and create a seamless customer experience at the point of interaction."

For more information, please visit - posngo.com & AEVI.com


To learn more about POS-n-go, please call or email:

Nowell Berg
VP, Sales & Marketing
+1 888-342-8882, #851

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