Local Entrepreneur Set to Conquer Point-of-Sale (POS) World

Before writing final exams and graduating with an electrical engineering degree from Ryerson University, Ontario, back in 1997, local Ta Ta Creek – Kimberley entrepreneur Richard Vienneau already had a job lined up.

He was going to work at a hardware manufacturer that built the first wireless payment terminal to run on cellphone networks. Vienneau helped develop the operating system and manage a team of application developers.

From this experience, Vienneau spent time in Perth, Australia designing an innovative smart card interface for a payment terminal manufacturer. He then ventured on to Istanbul, Turkey helping a company implement a wireless payment terminal solution for the Mobitex network.

In 1999, Vienneau started Dinamikos Technology where he develops custom payment terminal and POS applications. Vienneau and Dinamikos have worked with Verifone, Ingenico, Hypercom, Gemalto, Thyron, Pidion, Microsoft, Squirrel, Micros, Aloha, Maitre’D, Retail Pro among many others.

While working on point-of-sale (POS) systems over the next few years, Vienneau gained insight into what worked and what didn't. “In the early days of POS systems, I noticed they were unreliable, not user friendly and lacked effective customer support,” he said.

Based on this experience, Vienneau began mapping out a new POS system that would over-come these weaknesses. From those efforts, he developed POS-n-go in 2012. It actually ran on a handheld payment terminal. The first version was mobile and portable containing all POS functions including integrated payments.

The tablet version of POS-n-go came about because of a request by a potential customer who found the payment terminal screen too small and wanted a larger viewing surface. In 2015, Vienneau moved POS-n-go from the payment terminal to the Android tablet.

He designed and built POS-n-go for small retail shops and stores, restaurants, pubs and every type of food service establishment. “We even have an integrated schedule and appointment book that will streamline your salon, spa, pet or professional services business.”

Vienneau work hard to make “POS-n-go a simple, easy to use and reliable point-of-sale system loaded with extra features like customer management, seamless integration with payment terminals, inventory control, employee scheduling and over 40 high-level reports.”

POS-n-go offers merchants and business owners unlimited users, products, categories and transactions, there are no restrictions, just one world-class package at one ultra-low monthly fee.

Two key features of POS-n-go that Vienneau is especially proud of are the responsive email receipts and gift cards. “We're really excited to offer these key marketing options to our POS-n-go customers,” said Vienneau.

Email receipts allow the merchant to not only send out a receipt, but include a logo, graphics, photographs, coupons and upcoming sale information to keep loyal customers up-to-speed on store happenings. In terms of “responsiveness”, each receipt automatically adjusts to the screen size to make sure all details can be viewed especially on smaller mobile devices. Gone are microscopic, unreadable fonts and awkward scrolling to read receipt details.

“A lot of our customers are really jumping on the gift card feature,” Vienneau exclaims. He's established a partnership with a card manufacturer to ensure POS-n-go users get the best deal. You can order from 100 to 1000 cards and use your store logo or artwork on the front of the card.

The POS-n-go gift card solution enables merchants using the Android tablet the ability to offer gift cards with no additional hardware requirements. Cards can be loaded with any amount using an industry leading secure QR code printed on the back of the gift card. The QR code is quickly and easily scanned using the tablet's built-in camera.

Detailed load, redeem and liability reports provide the merchant with real-time insight into total gift card exposure while greatly simplifying accounting and reporting.

Customer support for any POS system is critical for business users. If the POS system is down, then your business is losing money.

The POS-n-go support ticket function is accessed through your secure web-portal account. All requests for customer service “are sent to our support staff, and depending on the priority level selected by you, will be responded to in a timely manner,” said Vienneau.

The support ticket function can be used for operational questions, configuration questions and anything you cannot find an answer to in the Help Manual section of the POS-n-go portal.

Melinda Howard was one of the first to install POS-n-go. She said, "POS-n-go has been a lifesaver for our Bar & Grill business. We started off with a very old till system that was an accounting nightmare. After switching over life is so much simpler and the accounting end is a breeze.”

Over at the local dog grooming shop, the owner Cory Muir said, "POS-n-go is so easy to use. I was up and running in minutes. My old POS had a manual that was thicker than a phone book. I absolutely love this system and the integrated appointment book. Thank you!"

According to Vienneau, the most important thing for business owners, whether they are new to retail, restaurants and services or seasoned veterans, is to take the time to do homework into what type of POS system would work best for their operation.

Krista Moody is new to retail business and wasn't sure if she would need a POS system or not. Once she looked at POS-n-go and all its features she was hooked. “It's very user friendly - you can update your inventory, products, pricing and taxes from your laptop then easily sync it with your POS tablet,” she said.

Vienneau's experience over the years suggests that making the right POS system choice at the beginning helps to avoid a system that is too costly, too complex, unreliable or with poor technical support.

“That's why I've spent the time to listen to current POS-n-go businesses and respond to their needs,” said Vienneau.

POS-n-go, a world-class point-of-sale system loaded with extra features at one ultra-low price - $29.99/month/tablet.

Don’t take Vienneau’s word for it, check out what satisfied POS-n-go users have to say.