POS-n-go: Ends 2016 on a High Point

Officially rolled out in late 2015, POS-n-go enjoyed a solid year of growth and development. In the past year, POS-n-go clients processed over $1 million dollars in sales.

POS-n-go is a powerful tablet based sales, inventory, employee scheduling, advanced reporting and marketing tool used to keep your small business competitive and profitable.

Geographically separate data centres, there are two in each region, keep daily sales, inventory, employee and payment data safe, secure and accessible 24/7 everyday anytime.

This year saw the addition of two fantastic features making POS-n-go an unbeatable point-of-sales package. The first is responsive email which includes the ability to send customized receipts. The second major addition is the live customer support connection through your POS-n-go portal.

POS-n-go allows you to send customizable email receipts. The marketing opportunities are unlimited. Within POS-n-go, you can create an emailable receipt that not only shows the details of the sale, but can include colour photos or artwork, coupons, promotions and upcoming sales information. Every receipt resizes, automatically, to fit any device. You never have to worry about super small text or half the receipt missing on smaller screens.

Through your POS-n-go portal, you can access the live customer support ticket. Use it and you are just one click away from POS-n-go’s world class 24/7 customer service. Explain the problem or ask a question about POS-n-go. You choose the service priority level: standard, urgent or emergency. Then submit with one click. We’ll contact you with an answer to your question or concern.

Through word-of-mouth referrals, numerous small businesses have taken advantage of POS-n-go. Their using it in restaurants, pubs and diners along with dog groomers, hair salons, boutique retail stores and medical dispensaries.

Here are just some businesses who rave about POS-n-go:

Wasa Pub, Delights, BJs Restaurant, Purcell Outdoors and MoodyBee.

The newest business to select POS-n-go is Earth’s Own Naturals in Kimberley. We welcome Laurie Weitzel to the POS-n-go family.

Thank you to all of our business partners for choosing POS-n-go.

Krista, at Moody Bee's, said, “I want to let people know how happy I am with our point of sale system called POS-n-go. It's very user friendly. I highly recommend it." Over the holidays Krista’s daughter helped out at the store. After three days, she reported, “Kate my 8 year old can 100% run the posngo system.” Proving once again what our customers tell us all the time, POS-n-go is user friendly and intuitive to learn and operate.

This past year saw POS-n-go secure beta testing with POYNT Smart Terminals in the US and SumUp, Europe's leading mobilePOS (mPOS) EMV card reader.

POS-n-go - available in Canada, United States and United Kingdom plus 14 other countries:

Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

Deployment around the world and maintaining gold standard customer service will continue to be our focus in 2017.

We look forward to working with you to make your business a profitable success.