POS-n-go: Ends 2016 on a High Point

Kimberley, BC - POS-n-go point-of-sales enjoys a solid year of growth and development. In its first year, POS-n-go clients processed over $1 million in sales.

Richard Vienneau, POS-n-go President, announces “POS-n-go secured beta testing with POYNT Smart Terminals in the US and SumUp, Europe's leading mobilePOS (mPOS) EMV card reader.”

POS-n-go is a powerful tablet based point-of-sales system that tracks sales, inventory, customer buying habits and employee scheduling.

Not only does POS-n-go integrate seamless with payment terminals, it contains advanced reporting, marketing tools and a gift card application used to keep small businesses competitive and profitable.

In 2016, POS-n-go added two fantastic features making it an unbeatable point-of-sales package. First, responsive email which includes the ability to send customized receipts. Second, a live customer support connection through the POS-n-go portal. No more waiting for tech-support.

POS-n-go works seamlessly with payment terminals in Canada, United States and United Kingdom plus 14 other countries: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

For more information, please visit - www.posngo.com


To learn more about POS-n-go, please contact

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VP, Sales & Marketing
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