POS-n-go is a hybrid cloud solution for reliable order processing independent of your internet connection. Orders are processed on your device then uploaded to the web portal at the end of your business day.

In the web portal in Basic Setup configure your Operators, Categories and Products.

On your device select Admin, Download Settings to download your web portal settings.

On your device log in and process sale, refund, exchange and other orders.

On your device select More, End Of Day to upload your orders.

In the web portal view your Dashboard and run accounting and analytic Reports.

Video Slideshows

These videos guide you through using and configuring POS-n-go, for both restaurant and retail businesses.

Restaurant POS

Restaurant Web Portal

Retail POS

Retail Web Portal

Getting Started

Select the Getting Started and POS Operation menus for a full list of operation sections.



End Of Day

Demo Mode

Basic Setup

Select the Basic Setup menu for a full list of help setup sections.






Connecting Your Hardware

Information to connect your new POS-n-go system.

Hardware Wiring

Elo PayPoint Setup

Elo PayPoint Plus Setup