POS-n-go Android POS Manual

Order Detail Screen

  • The order detail screen is used to add and remove items for an order. The screen can be configured for list or button mode. Seat based ordering for restaurants can also be configured.
  • The DONE button will return to the orders screen.
  • The MORE button will display order level functions.
  • The PAY button will switch to the payment screen.
  • The ITEM SEARCH button is used to find an item by partial description.
  • The ITEM CODE button is used to find an item by item code.
  • The category and items lists or buttons can be used to add items to the order.
  • If supported a bar code scanner can be used on this screen to scan a product.
  • Devices configured for order types can change the order type such as Eat-In or Take-Out.
  • Devices configured for restaurant seat based ordering can use the +SEAT button to add seats to a table, the PREV and NEXT buttons to switch seats and the HOLDS button to hold order items from being sent to order printers.

Item Detail Screen

  • Selecting an ordered item will display the item detail screen.
  • The item detail screen is used to change the price and quantity.
  • The numeric keypad will change the item sell price.
  • The - and + buttons will decrement and increment the item quantity. Selecting a negative quantity is used for returns and exchanges.
  • The REMOVE button will remove the item from the order.
  • The MORE button displays a list of item level functions.
  • The CANCEL button will abort any changes.
  • The OK button will accept all the changes.

Item Functions

  • The NOTE button will attach a special instruction that will print on the order printers.
  • The DISCOUNT button will apply a discount or surcharge to the item.
  • The TAX TYPE button will override the tax for the item. This can be used for tax exemptions or selling to other regions.
  • The MOVE TO SEAT button will move the item to a different seat if seat based ordering is enabled.
  • The SHARE WITH SEATS button will split the price of an item across any number of seats when sharing an item.

Order Functions

  • The CUSTOMER button will retrieve the customer associated to the current order.
  • The CUSTOMER HISTORY button will retrieve the previous orders for a customer.
  • The DISCOUNTS AND SURCHARGES button is used to apply discounts and surcharges to the current order.
  • The SPLIT ORDER button will split the order when seat based ordering is used.