POS-n-go Android POS Manual

Login Screen

  • The login screen is used to log into the system.
  • It can be configured as a list of names or a numeric prompt, with an optional password.
  • Operators are configured in the web portal Basic Setup, Operators section.
  • The list mode also displays the number of open orders.
  • The ADMIN button displays a list of administrative functions.

Administrative Functions

  • The DOWNLOAD SETTINGS button is used to download changes made in the web portal.
  • The CLOCKED IN LIST button is used to display a list of operators that are clocked in.
  • The RECEIPT PRINTER button is used to select the receipt printer to use.
  • The SCREEN MODE button is used to switch between the restaurant or order screen.
  • The NETWORK STATUS button is used to display connection information including the WiFi network name.
  • The UPDATE APPLICATION button is used to update the POS-n-go application.
  • The DEMONSTRATION MODE button is used to switch between demonstration training mode and live mode.
  • The HELP button is used to show this help manual.