POS-n-go Android POS Manual

End Of Day

  • POS-n-go is a hybrid cloud solution for reliable order processing independent of your internet connection.
  • Orders are processed on your local device throughout the business day.
  • Sales reports for balancing at the end of the day are available on the device.
  • Orders are uploaded to the web portal at the end of the day.
  • Accounting and analytic reports are available in the web portal.

  • On the Orders screen select MORE.
  • Select REPORTS, SALES SUMMARY to print a sales summary report.
  • Select REPORTS, SALES DETAIL to optionally print a sales detail report.
  • Select END OF DAY to start the end of day process.
  • Select OK on the confirmation screen.
  • Select YES to settle the integrated payment terminal. Follow the prompts on the payment terminal.
  • Select OK to confirm the completion of the end of day process.