POS-n-go Android POS Manual


  • Inventory counts are managed in the Inventory section.
  • Starting inventory counts can be set when adding new products but they are subsequently managed in the Inventory section.
  • Select an inventory item using the Edit button.
  • The Minimum Qty is optional. If configured this is the minimum quantity of the product that you want to maintain for reorder reports.
  • The Reorder Qty is optional. If configured this is the quantity of the product to reorder when the current quantity drops below the minimum. If set to zero the quantity to reorder is the difference between the minimum quantity and current quantity.
  • The Quantity is the current quantity.
  • The drop-down allows you to select the type of inventory movement for the entered quantity. Types with a positive (+) will increase the current quantity. Types with a negative (-) will decrease the current quantity.
  • The View Product button will open the product details from Basic Setup, Products.
  • The Inventory History will show the stock diary that tracks every inventory movement for the product.