POS-n-go Android POS Manual

Payment Screen

  • The payment screen is used to apply payments to an order.
  • The DONE button will return to the orders screen.
  • The CUSTOMER ACCOUNT button will display customer account functions.
  • The GIFT CARD button will display gift card functions.
  • The OPEN DRAWER button will open the cash drawer.
  • The PRINT button will print the order to the receipt printer.
  • The tenders list can be used to select a tender type and apply a payment.
  • The payment amount will be prompted for and should include the tip if configured.
  • When the order is fully tendered it will be closed.

Integrated Payment Terminal

  • For integrated credit and debit payments select the Payment Terminal tender type.
  • The payment amount is prompted for.
  • The payment amount will be sent to the payment terminal. If enabled the terminal will prompt for a tip amount.
  • The payment terminal will return the approved payment amount and tender type (Credit or Debit) to POS-n-go.
  • If the order is fully tendered it will be closed.