POS-n-go Android POS Manual

Appointment Book

  • The appointment book system can be enabled for salons, spas and dog groomers.
  • It is a real-time system that can be used simultaneously by multiple devices.
  • An unlimited number of people or resources can be configured. The PAGE button will scroll through them when more exist than displayed columns.
  • The number of displayed columns can be changed by touching the column headers.
  • The number of displayed rows can be changed by touching the row times.
  • Appointment status is indicated by a different color. Appointment details include the customer name, number of services, customer ID (phone number), appointment type and the first service name.

Appointment Detail Screen

  • Both an operator and customer must be associated to an appointment.
  • The Type can be used to track the type of appointment. Values are Request, Phone-In, Walk-In, Pre-Book, Vacation and Booked Off.
  • The Status controls the color of the appointment on the appointment book screen. Values are Scheduled, Confirmed, Arrived, Canceled and Invoiced.
  • The Date, Time and Duration set when an appointment is scheduled for and how long it is.
  • The Note can be used for an appointment specific note. This is separate from customer notes.
  • The UPDATE button will save the appointment details.
  • The DELETE button will remove the appointment.
  • The INVOICE button will create an order for the customer including appointment detail items.
  • The EDIT button switches to the order detail screen to associate products and services to an appointment.