POS-n-go Android POS Manual

Restaurant Screen

  • The restaurant screen displays a table view for a restaurant section.
  • The LOGOUT button will log the operator out and return to the login screen.
  • The ORDERS button will switch to the regular orders screen.
  • The FAST ORDER button will create a new fast order.
  • The WAITLIST button will switch to the customer waitlist screen.
  • The MORE button displays a list of operator level functions. See the Orders screen for more information.
  • To switch to a different restaurant section use the section name button.
  • Select a table to create a new order or show the order details for an existing order. If multiple orders are associated to the table select an individual order from the list.
  • Long press on a table that has one or more existing orders to create another order associated to the same table.

Table Status
Open table
Table belonging to other operator
Table belonging to logged in operator
Items on kitchen hold

Basic Setup, Devices, Device Settings
Set Restaurant Sections for example Bar:1-10,Lounge:1-25