POS-n-go Android POS Manual

The POS-n-go integration to Clover terminals supports sale and refund transactions.

Clover Support

Clover client services can be reached at 1-888-263-1938.

Stand-Alone Transaction

To manually process a sale or refund transaction.

  1. Touch all 4 corners of the Clover screen at once.
  2. Select the Sale or Refund application.
  3. Process the transaction.
  4. When done launch the Network Pay Display application.
  5. Select Start to enable the integration.

Clover Integration Activation

To activate the integration.

  1. Log in to your Clover merchant account.
  2. Select Account & Setup then Merchants.
  3. Note your Merchant Name and MID.
  4. Open a POS-n-go Support Ticket and provide your Clover Merchant Name and MID.
  5. POS-n-go will send a request to Clover. It can take up to 3 days for Clover to activate the integration.


To configure a static IP address (Ethernet):

  1. Launch the Settings application on your Clover terminal.
  2. Select Ethernet.
  3. Select Static IP Settings.
  4. Enable Use static IP.
  5. Configure IP address to
  6. Configure Gateway to
  7. Configure Netmask to
  8. Configure DNS 1 to
  9. Configure DNS 2 to
  10. Select Save.

To configure a static IP address (WiFi):

  1. Launch the Settings application on your Clover terminal.
  2. Select WiFi.
  3. Select the posngo WiFi network. The password is dinamikos.
  4. Enable Advanced options.
  5. Configure IP settings to Static.
  6. Configure IP address to
  7. Configure Gateway to
  8. Configure Network prefix length to 24.
  9. Configure DNS 1 to
  10. Configure DNS 2 to
  11. Select Connect.

To configure the payment terminal semi-integration:

  1. Launch the More Tools application on your Clover terminal.
  2. Search for Secure Network Pay Display then select Connect.
  3. Select Download to install.
  4. Select Open to launch it. The Device Server and Network Pay Display applications will be installed automatically.
  5. In the Network Pay Display application select the menu button then Settings.
  6. Configure the Server Port to 10001.
  7. Select Configure and Restart Server.

POS-n-go Basic Setup, Devices, Device Settings:

  1. Configure Payment Terminal Processor to Clover.
  2. Configure Payment Terminal IP to