POS-n-go Android POS Manual

Sales Orders

  • Sales orders can be enabled for service providers and used for quotations, work orders and similar sale flows.
  • Orders are stored on the POS-n-go host and can be accessed by multiple devices.

Sales Order Status

Basic Setup, Devices, Device Settings
Set Sales Orders to On

Sales Order Screen

  • A customer must be associated to a sales order.
  • Type selects the type of sales order.
  • Status selects the status of the sales order such as Created, Quoted, Scheduled, etc.
  • The Note can be used for a sales order specific note.
  • The CREATE/UPDATE button will save the sales order information.
  • The CANCEL/REMOVE button will remove the sales order.
  • The EMAIL CUSTOMER button will send a sales order email to the customer. The customer email address must be valid. A sales order email template must exist in Advanced Setup, Email Templates.
  • The INVOICE button will create an order for the sales order items.
  • The EDIT button switches to the order detail screen to select products and services.