Can I use POS-n-go with a Windows PC, iMac or iPad?

POS-n-go runs on an Android tablet so you can take advantage of security, flexibility and mobility. A desktop configuration is also available for Google Chromebook and Chromebox devices. The POS-n-go tablet is synchronized to a secure web portal where you can manage the account, add products, services and operators, adjust prices and taxes, monitor inventory levels and staff time sheets. Plus, you get over 40 basic and advanced reports.

Will POS-n-go work with an existing receipt printer and payment system?

Yes, POS-n-go is compatible with most newer peripherals like printers, cash drawers and barcode scanners. POS-n-go seamlessly integrates with EMV chip, PIN and tap payments using Telium terminals across Canada. International payment partners POYNT and SumUp cover the USA and 14 other countries in Europe and South America.

How long will it take to get up and running?

Depending on the number of products or services you provide, it should only take a couple of hours to input products and pricing. Our new clients report POS-n-go is easy to learn and use. Working with the tablet screen is very intuitive and straightforward.

Can existing POS data files be imported into POS-n-go?

Yes, POS-n-go allows you to import CSV files from your existing POS system. Since data varies from system to system please contact us to discuss the details.

If I have to buy new equipment - tablet, tablet stand, cash drawer and receipt printer, how much will it cost?

Your hardware costs when selecting POS-n-go will be approximately $1,000 plus taxes. POS-n-go has worked out special pricing for our users from reputable high-quality hardware suppliers like Star thermal printers, Linksys routers, M-S cash drawer and Samsung tablets. Certified hardware makes installation straightforward and the POS system incredibly reliable. By choosing POS-n-go you will save thousands of dollars on hardware costs compared to other POS systems.

What if I have a problem with the software?

When you become a POS-n-go client, your web portal access includes a customer service ticket feature. You simply complete a support ticket and send it to POS-n-go. Depending on the priority level, POS-n-go responds within minutes or no later than the next business day. Our commitment to the POS-n-go family is to provide world-class customer service and be responsive to your store needs.

What happens if the internet goes down? Will I still be able to conduct business?

Yes, you are always in business with POS-n-go. As a stand alone tablet, you can keep recording sales and processing transactions. When your internet access returns, simply perform a host sync with the POS-n-go server and your accounts are all updated.

Is my store data secure?

Yes, POS-n-go makes data security a top priority. In fact, our main data server where your store data is located does a real-time update to a second secure data server that is in a different geographical location. We have a pair of these data centres in North America, Europe and the United Kingdom to comply with data export and protection laws for each region.